10 Stunning Wedding Dresses For A Winter Wedding

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As the bride, you have all the right to wear the dress of your dreams at your wedding. When it is your special day, you ought to look your best. After all, most people will marry only once in their lives.

But here is a catch, Wedding dresses might differ slightly depending on the season. Although the summer and spring months are the most popular for weddings, some may choose to get married in autumn and winter.

10 Stunning Wedding Dresses For A Winter Wedding

There is a reason why summer weddings are popular. You have access to many naturally blooming flowers for decor. They set the right mood for romance. Also, the weather is breezy and will ensure your guests are comfortable. The summer season also gives you a lot of options for a venue. You can marry in the outdoors, be it in your garden, on the beach, or on top of a mountain cliff.

Wedding in Winters

Winters, on the other hand, impose restrictions on your venue changes. It is so cold outside that you can only have an indoor wedding that is properly insulated. But that does not mean you cannot look your best on this special occasion. For dresses, you can opt for a classic look with a crepe dress with a high neck and long sleeves. If you want a more traditional appearance, intricate beadwork, tulle layers, and laces are the way to go.

If you have planned your wedding for winter, this article will help you find the perfect wedding dress for a winter wedding. And Avery Austin will help you find the perfect gown for you.

Top 10 Dresses for a Wedding in Winter

This list compiles a list of top winter wedding dresses for curvy, plus-size brides. The list is based on affordability and overall appeal.

1. Silk Blend and Open Back Draped Wool Gown

If minimalism is your thing, then a Wool and Satin blend gown with an open-back drape is an excellent choice. For starters, the satin gown looks perfectly beautiful. The dress also has an overall simplicity to its appeal. But that does not mean you won’t stand out from the crowd. The open back behind adds a great contrast to the high neckline to make things more interesting.

2. Ula Gown

In terms of design, a Ula gown has an off-shoulder design that looks very elegant. It is one of those long-sleeved dresses that make you look like a medieval princess. There is an illusion neckline in place, which makes sure that no wardrobe malfunction takes place. You can easily walk up the aisle and perform your first dance together as a couple without hassles.

3. Wool Blend, Feather Trimmed Beaded Gown

For those planning a festive wedding in the evening of winter, this beaded gown is a great choice. The trimmed feather grants this dress a very glamorous appearance. Overall, the dress is decorated with crystals and beads. The jewels and stones will truly sparkle on white. Your wedding guests will also be pleasantly surprised by the opulence.

4. Dean Kellyn Gown

Inspired by the look of fashion in the 1920s, this Dean Kellyn Gown comes with a cap sleeve. The dress also has an open back and beautiful pearl beading. When you walk down the aisle, the silky tulle will flow like waves and give the impression you are floating. Imagine walking up to guests in this magical dress.

5. Gatsby Dress

When you first look at the Gatsby dress, it looks plain and simple. But when you get into the details, you will notice how beautiful this dress is. It has smoked backed bodice and a square neckline as per modern fashion sensibilities. The dress has an all-over lace to seal the deal.

6. Plus Size Wedding Dress

Brides of all weights and sizes deserve a happy wedding where they look pretty. This is what this dress by Vera Wang gives to the wearer. It is perfect as a wedding dress for a plus-size bride. The dress is made of lace and tulle and has small sequins added to it for decoration. The cloth material is also paper-thin.

7. Long Sleeve Plus Size Gown with Scroll Beads

This long-sleeve gown looks very sophisticated with a touch of olden times. The bead work on the dress is very impressively intricate. Instead of lace, this dress has a mesh fabric which is a welcome change to all the lacy wedding dresses out there.

8. Maxi Dress with Silk Jersey Cape

If you have a fashionable aesthetic, then this dress will put you right at home. The Silk Jersey Cape is as modern and stylistic as any dress on the latest runway. It is truly a modern statement. The dress is very beautiful, with a cape overlay covering the sleeves and the shoulders. It truly looks spectacular and ramp-ready.

9. Side Slit Gown with Sequins

This one goes out to the city girls, especially from New York. What makes this dress urban and modern is its high slit and long bell sleeves. In case you truly desire something more traditional and less modern, go for a more classic dress, but you should definitely keep this one around for the reception due to its modern aesthetics.

10. Flutter Sleeve Dress with Embroidery

For all the Bohemian plus-size brides out there, this fluttery-sleeved wedding dress looks romantic and sweet. In terms of decoration, it has some beautiful floral embroidery. The dress is also very affordable to top it all.

In Conclusion

Winter is not a very popular time to get married, but that does not mean you should cancel the idea. Whatever may be your reasons for tying the knot in the cold, you can ensure you at least look good doing it. So visit a variety of plus-size bridal shops to get started.

There are already some great options mentioned in the aforementioned list. Winter favorites are all about sequins, lacework, long sleeves, and beadings. But you can also try some other dresses that did not make it to the ten. Mind you; these dresses are equally good.

A crepe gown with an open back stretch is a good choice for minimalistic brides. The sleeve gown with an embroidered lace cap is great for peak performance.

Likewise, there are many dresses available in plus-size wedding dress shops to choose from. Just ensure that the fitting is proper because you will have to move around in your wedding dress.

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