Truoba U-Shaped House Plan:

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From the outset, the Connecticut-based residential complex, designed by Truoba Architects, looks like a typical U-shaped courtyard with a courtyard. The surprise comes when you look at the house on the other side, from the forest in the background. It is then that the pavilion reveals its true size, with its surprise dug into the ground and the entire outer space.

Truoba U-Shaped House Plan

The main entrance is a high-rise, with a garden and a rotating glass door. The glass is a descriptive function of a large stage, as this part of the house sees little. The U-shaped base which is also the living space of the house is enclosed between two glass facades, so the visitor can see the wood in the background already from the front garden.
The two sides of the U are dedicated to private works. On the left side sits a master suite, with a bedroom, bathroom, and living room. The right side has two guest bedrooms with en suite bathrooms, as well as a gym/yoga studio. The ground floor has a garage and storage area on the U-side, and in the front part is a large media room, laundry, and study area.

Looking like an “H” in the distance, the classic U-shaped house style encapsulates the three sides of a balcony or yard to create a secure space, garden, or element of the world. A house with a U-shape facing back usually includes a yard in the yard.

In this design – as in the courtyard plans – the yard divides the home into the living / social and sleeping wings. However, all rooms are usually neatly laid out and fitted with large windows and glass doors for full viewing and easy access to the exterior.

Overall, the emphasis on the U-shape at home is the flow of the house, the smooth interaction between the interior and exterior areas, and the spatial relationships between the rooms.

The U shape takes a typical rectangular home and gives it an attractive twist by adding a central courtyard, garden, swimming pool, or element of the country. The new feature – accessible throughout the home – becomes a beautiful exterior of the family. A complete oasis and retreat, especially during these challenging times of the epidemic.

Let’s take a look at this fascinating house design, its basic features and benefits, and the features that enhance its appeal and character.

Great house, but still a really good plan. I love the…-shaped house… I always think of a swimming pool and an outdoor space that is king-size throughout the enclosure. I will not need to change anything in this house.

It has a formal living room, a theater, and a workshop. There is also a computer area set aside.

The three-car garage is perfect and the 5th room really makes this an open home. You will need a larger block for this house or an existing block for access to the side garage.

If the backyard area has a roof over it (or even a partial roof) you will need a few skylights in the kitchen/family area as that can be very dark.

What do you think about this?

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