Trademarking a Kennel Name: How to, Pros & Cons

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The trademark is a special mark or name that gives a unique identity to your business. This identity helps you to provide a separate recognition in the group of similar businessman. Trademarks are determined on the basis of different categories. When trademarks define any services then these are pronounced as service marks at the place of trademarks. Trademark is the easiest way of referring to a brand. It is also helpful in distinguishing a particular service or product from its competitors and the same traders. A trademark holder has the right to prevent the use of his or her trademark by others for at least ten years. After the completion of ten years person need to renew this trademark for the next ten years. A trademark holder can sell his trademark to other traders if he doesn’t want to continue with the same mark. He is also eligible to take the compensation money in the lieu of trademark.

Trademarking a Kennel Name - How to, Pros & Cons

The role of a trademark into any business is like an important asset, as it is the most helpful source in business growth. There are numerous people who provide effective trademarks, patents, and copyrights. In Orlando patent attorneys you may easily find some of the best copyrights, trademarks and patents providers for your goods and services. John (imaginary name) started a business of cats breeding without any trademark. After a month his neighbour, Abraham also started the same business with a trademark. John was shocked to see the growth of the business of Abraham. Abraham started a business after John but after a year john noticed that Abraham is running the same business much better than him. He wanted to know the fact so he sent one of his friends to know the reason behind the rapid growth of Abraham’s cats breeding business. When his friend returned to him with the reply of the question running in his mind, he was completely shocked. The trademark matters a lot. Your business needs to identify, and there is no other more effective source then trademark.

Trademarking is effective for all types of business, whether it is small or large. If a person is planning to start a dogs breeding business and want to give a trademark to his kennel name, can go for it. If the person is completely new to start any business and don’t know anything about trademarking then below-mentioned information will surely help in this matter.

How to get a trademark for a particular kennel name?

For this, there are two options. It depends on you and your preferences to choose one.

Option 1. To get the trademark for your kennel name you need to visit the secretary of state’s office. You can also contact through a call.

Option 2. You can also take the help of your country kennel club for the same. You can also apply online for the trademark, but you need to select a unique name for the kennel first. Complete the formality of basic information, documentation, and payments.

Option 3. You can also switch to the trademark service providers in Orlando patent attorneys. These services guarantee for the rare and effective trademarks with a stylish look. They assist with the best of their services and lessen your efforts to get the trademark.

Below are some important points one must know before choosing any of the above-mentioned options for trademarking a kennel.

  • The name of the kennel should not be of more than one word with a limit of minimum 4 to a maximum of 12 characters.
  • We can use the kennel name for naming dogs only.
  • A receiving of certificate and acceptance letter is a must after kennel name registration.

As we all know that we can use the trademark exclusively to grow our business. A trademark gives huge power to the owner so that the owner can take strict actions to sue for infringement and more. Still, there are some pros and cons of trademarking a kennel name.


  • Sale benefit of puppies: It becomes easy to sell your product when people know you. The trademark makes the path of selling the puppies easy for the owners of the kennel at the local and national level.
  • Enhancement of business prestige: The dogs and puppies participate in competitions and shows
  • Brand recognition: To speed up brand recognition among the customers’ trademarks play a magical role. Trademarks make people remember your kennel name.
  • Separate identification: It’s not an easy task to stay with a special identification. These days surviving is not enough, people want to see their business with the biggest popularity among the competitors. To stand with a separate identification for any business trademarks are the most powerful source.


  • Rules and regulations: People running a kennel with a trademark need to follow all recommended rules.
  • Renewal of the trademark: If an owner wants to continue his kennel after completing ten years successfully, then it is a must to renew the trademark after every ten years. Trademark generation and trademark renewal cost a particular amount depending on different terms and conditions.

Trademark completes a brand name. Numerous electrical, mechanical, pharmaceutical industries and other small business are using trademarks to reach the highest brand recognition at national and international level. We can see examples of trademarks in our daily life. We remember the daily consumable items just by their trademarks. These days various service-providers are working to provide the most attractive, and suitable trademarks for each type of goods and services. These agencies charge a fee to create a unique and completely owned by single user trademarks. We just need to check out the best with a reliable outcome to get the trademark.

Owning the trademark will provide you a rare business experience for the kennel name. This rare experience will lead you to uncommon business growth. But don’t forget the cons and take precautions to avoid any inconvenience during running a kennel. When we can make the identity of our business all around the nation, then why remain limited to a small area. Get a trademark and go limitless.

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