Top Five Reasons Why Ping Pong is Good for Your Kids

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These days, it seems a bit difficult and tricky to try to connect with children. Well, this is not a surprise considering all the technological advancements that fill the society today which often make kids feel as if they are different from the earlier generations, when in fact, they are not.

Modern kids of today spend almost all their time in front of the screen, whether it is the TV, laptop, tablet, or smartphone. They seem to have lots of fun as they do various things online. This only makes it more difficult for parents to get their kids’ attention and interest. It is getting harder by the day to spend time with your children doing something together.

If you are running out of ideas, ping pong or table tennis could be an effective solution you might want to try. This activity has worked for many parents and children alike.

Below are the top five reasons why ping pong is great for your kids:

Teaches the Value of Hard Work

Ping pong requires a lot of work. This needs constant movement around the table and maximum concentration on the ball. Most of the time, the player who works hard in the game emerges as the winner. This correlation between hard work and winning is an essential concept that kids have to learn.

Ping pong can be a great way to introduce children to the idea that hard work is an important element if a person wants to achieve goals or win something.

This is why exposing your kids at an earlier age to activities which call for some form of hard work is never a bad idea like other parents think.

Raising your children to grow up feeling that they are entitled to everything they want is probably the worst thing a parent can ever do.


Top Five Reasons Why Ping Pong is Good for Your Kids

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Great Sport Kids Will Love

It is probably the best thing parents can do for their kids. They will be grateful to you for the rest of their life if you encourage them to play sports. Aside from being fun, it is also something that can help them maintaining a healthier lifestyle later on in their lives.

Many parents push their children to team sports like baseball or football, and this is a good thing. However, there are some kids that are not so into team sports as they feel a bit anxious with the idea of playing with a team. If this is the case, ping pong could be a great alternative.

There are basically three main reasons why this sport is good for younger kids. First, this sport teaches discipline that is very important once they become an adult. Obviously, the second reason has something to do with the physical activity which comes with sports that is good for their health. Another reason is the fact that sports helps boost self-confidence at an earlier age, and this is also extremely essential.

Enhances Concentration Abilities and Alertness

Ping pong is a fast paced sport which calls for complete concentration on the ball combined with excellent hand and eye coordination. When playing this game, different regions of the brain are activated at the same time.

It has been scientifically proven that while you play table tennis, your thought and physical alertness are at their highest levels.

With practice, ping pong will be able to dramatically improve your concentration abilities and mental alertness. As for children, the effect gets even bigger since their brains and bodies are still in the process of development.

Improves Decision-making Skills

Ping pong needs immediate reactions to the moves of the opponent which can help regular players in developing a sense of quick thinking. Coming up with tactical decisions in a split of a second under intense pressure will be able to help a child’s cognitive abilities.

According to experts, in table tennis, players have improved motor functions, better long term memory functions, and enhanced strategy functions.

The ability to make sound decisions even under high pressure with so many things at stake is an extremely valuable skill which can help kids a lot later in their lives.

This doesn’t mean that a couple of ping pong games will be enough to develop this ability. But, practicing the game on a regular basis will surely make a child’s nerves stronger.

Strengthens the Bond Between Parents and Kids

Ping pong is fun, and more importantly, the unique experience during a ping pong match is something you can never find anywhere else.

Kids love to play, and they will surely love ping pong, specifically when they engage in this game at an earlier age. This is why it is better that you have your own ping pong table at home at the soonest time possible so that your child will grow up loving this game.

Ping pong is a wonderful way to spend more quality time with your children doing something that you both enjoy and love. Such joyful moments shared during a ping pong game is going to have a positive impact on your relationship with your kid.

It will become easier for you to have a conversation with your kid during match. It will feel more spontaneous and casual to him. This is an effective way of letting your children open up to you more and tell you about his feelings and his day to day activities.

The Bottom Line

Needless to say, ping pong has a lot of exciting benefits for children. The ones mentioned above are just a few of them, and there are still so much more that awaits both parents and children. If you are looking for a way to bond with your kid, and at the same time, you want him or her to develop some good physical and mental skills, ping pong or table tennis is exactly what you need. Simple yet challenging, the ping pong game is something that can change children for the better.


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