How Don Madge got Inspired from Conor McGeror for South Africa

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The MMA fighter Don Madge is again taking over the headlines in the latest UFC News, this time for making a great speech involving one of the most promising MMA fighters of the present era, Conor McGregor. Don Madge has said that he will reiterate what Conor McGregor has done for his country and that he is working hard to get those things done, every single day.

How Don Madge got Inspired from Conor McGeror for South Africa

It is interesting to note that Conor McGregor is only 26 years old and at so less an age, he has achieved an impressive record of 16-2 in UFC — something worth to be proud of him. In about 5 years of career, Conor MvGregor Net Worth has risen exponentially and now stands above $100 million. That has been possible only because Conor has inspired thousands of people to come out and support MMA, because Ireland has started being a leader in the Sport. That’s exactly what Don Madge wants to do in South Africa, as he knows that there’s a huge potential in his nation to go global in Mixed Martial Arts.

Don Madge has come from a South African MMA organization Extreme Fighting Championship and was atwi time champion tere, but when he learnt about Conor, he decided to train harder and make it to the UFC, not just to fight but to win the matches. Don Madge ghas also said that with the pool of fighters coming to his coach to train with him from Africa, he will revolutionise how the sport is taken in South Africa. The inspiration has come from Conor, but he will prove that talent isn’t a monopoly of a single nation.

Madge believes he will be successful in bringing the UFC spotlight to South Africa as well, just like Conor McGregor did it for his country, Ireland and Michael Bisping did it for the United Kingdom — it will take some more time, though.

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