Best Apps to Download for Playing Carrom Games Online

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Carrom is one of the most played indoor games. Over time, it has evolved to become a bonding agent in several families and also among friends. Those days are almost gone and we definitely miss playing carrom. But the good news is, our mobile phones have an entire world within them, and one can rejuvenate his love for carrom with a click. In fact, if you have the right app and website to your knowledge, you can not only play carrom but also earn from it. In the pandemic situation, we are all stuck at home and who wouldn’t like to get some money only by playing and reminiscing about the bygone days?

Best Apps to Download for Playing Carrom Games Online

Carrom games online are very easy to access and some can help you win cash. So naturally, playing in an app that will give you an option to win money is always wiser. In this article, we will bring to you the carrom game online and why you must give it a try.

Carrom is one of the best apps to play online.

What Makes an App a Worthy One?

There are too many apps available on the internet and the play store but not all of them are worth the time. There are certain traits and characteristics that you should look for in a game before downloading. Even if you are not playing for money, time is money and thus investing your time in an inferior app won’t do any good. Let us look at the features quickly.

  • It should have a good user interface – Having a user-friendly interface means a lot of people can play seamlessly. Whether you are a beginner or pro, tech-savvy or not, it should not come in the way of playing carrom games online.
  • Should be multiplayer – The whole point of playing carrom is to rejuvenate the feeling of brotherhood, friendship, and family bonds and thus it will make no sense if you have to play with a bot.
  • Can be played on your mobile with ease – It is not convenient to always sit in front of the computer, at least for the purpose of playing. Work from home has anyway subjected our backs to brutality.
  • The aspect of earning money – Games that let you earn some money are the best kinds. The player need not feel guilty about wasting his time on the phone. A little side income is always welcome, and if it comes from playing your favorite game, well nothing like it.

The Best Carrom Game Online- Carrom

You can get a variety of games you can play online but we shall stick to carrom for our discussion today. There are several reasons why this can be your best choice and we shall unravel them in the course of the article. It has thousands of players and a great rating which tells a lot about its credibility.

Features of Carrom


This game allows you to invite your friends and family to play carrom with you. You can also play it with other online players if all your friends are busy. While you can recreate the atmosphere of togetherness, you need not solely depend on it and can play whenever you want. What could be better, right?

Controls and Gameplay

It has a user-friendly interface and thus from beginners to pros, everyone can play, irrespective of age as well as without being well-informed about technology. The controls are convenient and can be operated by fingers alone. You need not tap on different bars to aim or flick. Its touch controls aim and strikes accurately. It also comes in a cool steampunk theme which makes your experience really fun and frolic. It is specially designed for smooth gameplay on your phone. You can play this game on your Android device without having to adjust the screen size again and again. It is hardly your regular but an experience.

Earn a Few Bucks

Carrom games online are best when you can earn a few bucks. While you can always play for some casual fun, Carrom gives you the chance to play for some real stakes. You can choose the kind of money you want to play for and begin. If you are a seasoned carrom player, we recommend you play for some money. Every day thousands of people win lakhs of rupees only by playing on this app.

Your winnings are instantly credited to your wallet after the game and can be transferred to your PayTM wallet or bank account as well. You need not wait for an eternity to see the amount reflected in your account.

Help Desk

Although the gameplay is essentially simple, some users may still need help if they ever get stuck or have genuine queries. This app has got them covered too. You can click on their ‘contact us’ section and raise a query. They shall get back to you shortly with solutions.

Determination of Points

  • A player begins to play with 10 points and they must pocket coins to reduce the points in order to win. The player who reaches 0 the fastest wins the prize money.
  • There is no essential difference between the white and the black coins but you must pocket the cover right after pocketing the queen.
  • The queen can’t be pocketed at the end. The second last coin will always come back on the board in such a situation.


Whether you are looking to relive your childhood or want to make some quick money, this app is just for you. With its smooth controls, live games, and cool theme, it is no less than an experience in the field of carrom games online.


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