Top Five Keys to Designing a Successful Video for Your Brand

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In the times, when everyone is stuck to their mobile screen with earphones in their ears watching a video, the marketing industry is using the same means to appeal the audience. However, using a video is not easy. Here are a few tips to make your video successful.

Top five keys to designing a successful video for your brand

The Story

The internet is filled with ads, any video you open and most of the movies you watch online have an ad you have to watch. The question arises that what makes your video worth watching? What makes it different than the tons of videos online? What will make the people stop click the skip ad button? Everyone knows the purpose of an ad is to sale the product and for that you require a great story. A story is what most of the audience are after.



The Best 10 Seconds Ever

Most of the viewers are bound to click on the skip ad button in less than 10 seconds. Nobody wants to watch an ad in between the movies now, do they? Good riddance of ads is a reason why people come online to watch a movie or a song. The first four to five seconds are the times when you grab the viewer’s attention. The experts say that the ad should be precise, short, creative and original. You should start from the climax giving the people something that they just have to watch. The time frame should provide viewers with the answer to one question, “why shouldn’t I press the skip ad button?’


Don’t bore the audience

After a person comes from work tired, a housewife sits down a daylong of never-ending chores, so you think he/she will spend even a second to watch an ad? The answer is no. To gain their attention, you need to do something exciting you need them something that they can laugh at. After a day of facing problems in the outside world, they want to lighten up a bit, not a man on their screen telling to buy a sweater because the fiber count is excellent and because of its warmth.


Tag it

Search engine optimization is when you ensure that your video comes on top when someone types anything relevant to your video. How your video ranks in the system depends upon how you describe your video in the SEO description. Due to these descriptions that are added in the description box, search spider come to know the content of your video and the more that they understand it, the more chances it has to appear when relevant searches are made.


Educate & Prove Yourself

The main thing that should be kept in mind while making a video is your audience. You should educate yourself about the audience that you want to target for the sale of your product and why? It’s only then, you can make a video that will succeed. Another thing that should be kept in mind is that you should not only educate yourself but also your viewer, there should be something new that appeals to human’s innate curiosity and gets them hooked. You should let the viewer know that they are your primary concern and it is for them that you are producing such a product.

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