Top 50+ Free Video Sharing Sites List 2019 For SEO

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Using the most popular video sharing websites or hosting services anyone can share his or her own videos with the rest of the world. These extremely popular video sharing sites are immensely popular among millions of people all over the world. Thus, these popular video upload websites are efficiently used by SEO experts to boost up their clients’ websites rankings in search engines. Apart from optimising Search Engine ranks, these top video sharing sites can also help in sales and promotion.

video sharing websites

In internet, hundreds of video sharing or live video streaming sites could be found, which allow their users to use their platform to distribute video clips.

Choosing the most popular and effective video sharing sites for SEO is not a tough job. Here are the best video sharing sites list 2016 for ready reference which will save precious time of SEO professionals, creative minded people, business houses, small manufacturers and many other professionals. This best video sharing sites list is created after rigorous market research. Hence, using these video sharing sites for SEO will ultimately help the users the promote their websites more purposefully.


Let’s start with top video sharing sites 2019:


video upload websitesYouTube – This is the most popular video sharing site in internet. The site allows the users to upload, view, share and rate different types of videos. It uses WebM, H.264/MPEG-4 AVC, and Adobe Flash Video technologies to show user-created and uploaded personal, professional, hobby-based and corporate videos. Video blogging, short business promotional videos and educational videos are very popular among YouTube users.





video sharing sites list 2016Vimeo – Like YouTube, it is another extremely popular video sharing site with almost 50 million registered users and over 100 million visitors every month. The video app of Vimeo is very popular in iOS and android based applications. Its 4K streaming technology is rolled out in last half of 2015, which has made it more popular than many of its nearest competitors.





video sharing sites list freeDailymotion – It is one of the biggest video hosting and sharing site in internet. Dailymotion is available in 18 different languages all over the world. Dailymotion has wide many user-friendly features that allows millions of users to browse and upload videos by simply searching tags, groups and channels. The search system in Dailymotion shows results based on searches done by other users in similar categories. For the general users the maximum unloadable video size is restricted to 4 GB and maximum time length is 1 hr.




best video sharing sites listUstream – Presently, Ustream has nearly 100 million active users all over the world. This video hosting site has got this top place in the top list of online video sharing sites due to its wide acceptance by some of the most popular broadcasting companies like Viacom, CBS News, and IMG Media. Technology giants like Samsung and Panasonic have also partnered with Ustream for sales and promotion of their products and conversely promoting Ustream through their products.




list all video sharing sitesMetacafe – This video sharing website is popular for short-form videos including movies, sports and video games. This decade old video sharing site is placed at the top slot in the list of free video sharing sites due to its wider market reach and longtime partnerships with some of the popular brands in the sectors like entertainment, consumer electronics, telecommunications, and food & beverage.




list of online video sharing sitesVeoh – Apart from video hosting, Veoh is also popular for internet based television viewing. Veoh transcodes the uploaded video files so that the video is available on the site, and streamed on the publisher’s own website. Publishers could customise the presentation of their videos, automatically publish through RSS feeds, and organise video programming like complete channels or series of episodes.




video sharing sites for seoVideojug – This is one of the most popular video hosting site that owns multiples of other lifestyle video websites like Scoff, Pose, Brideas, Deco Bliss, and Quipstar etc. Videojug also owns a similar subsidiary, Videojug Networks, providing different corporate and brand video services. Their clients include Marks & Spencer. Due to its wide range of corporate reach this video hosting site is included in the top video sharing sites list.




list of free video sharing sitesLiveLeak – This video sharing site almost works like YouTube. This site is one of the top 1500 websites of the world. Naturally, SEO experts prefer the site for video hosting due to its wide ranging reach all over the world.





list of popular video sharing sitesRutube – This video hosting and video sharing site is mainly intended for the Russian viewers all over the world. It’s present user base is almost 40 million. This site has already kept wide many options for unregistered viewers, who can view, share, and search for videos. Registered users can avail some additional facilities through Facebook.




top video sharing sites listAmara – Apart from online video sharing and hosting, Amara is the most trusted site which provides individuals, groups and organisations the power to transfer language used in any video to some other language. For this special feature, this video sharing site is in the list of popular video sharing sites.





Anybody can register in their websites and   easily upload their high resolution video clips. These clips can be shared with any other user, groups, communities etc. These video clips are stored on the web under a user’s profile, so the user can access them and edit them anytime. Undoubtedly, video sharing is one of the most significant and effective off page SEO technique. It helps to make get the video clips more viral with audience in short span of time. As the websites are too popular among the internet users, these video uploading websites can generate the most powerful backlinks to the users’ websites. Many of these video hosting and sharing sites also allow the users to share their video clips uploaded in those sites in popular social media. This special feature helps the users to further promote their video clips and websites more quickly to larger number of audiences. These video sharing sites list free websites that makes SEO jobs easier and faster for the users. For the SEO marketing on behalf of the clients, the SEO experts or consultants can use these websites for the best SEO result.


List of other free video sharing sites for SEO:

Video Sharing SitesDomain Authority

The above video sharing websites are also useful from SEO backlinks. You can get quality backlinks from these sites by adding your link in the description section of the video. The most important thing is, all these websites have high authority that gives you an extra benefit when you get get a backlink from these websites. Apart from this, video upload sites can also help you for branding. Just upload some creative videos and share it on social media channels to boost the reach of the video.


High Domain Authority Backlinks


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