(Updated) Top 50+ Best Web 2.0 Sites List for SEO

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List of Best Web 2.0 sites for SEO

The word SEO is not new to anyone, not even to those who are not involved in digital marketing. It is very important to improve SERP ranking for businesses websites to reach more and more customer. It is possible with the help of SEO of a site. Professionals are making every effort to raise the rank of a site on search engine through web 2.0 submission sites or many other SEO techniques. With the growing demand for online stores, the competition is also high. In order to survive in the race of online business it is very important that you are accessible to your customers, more the accessibility more are the chances of your business success. So the question is that what you are going to do in order to become accessible easily by your customer. Well, they will come to know about you from your business website. But, what if your business website does not appear in the top rank of the search engine like Quor, you will probably lose the chance to grow in the business. That is why people are doing SEO for small businesses, in order to improve their rank on the search engine. So that more and more people visit your website and come to know about your products and services. This is done by building authentic backlinks for your website which could drive traffic towards you. There are a lot of SEO techniques for link building. Apart from this, you can take help from outreach solutions – the best guest posting provider.

What are 2.0 Sites?

Web 2.0 submission sites are actually blog website with high domain authority and you can build a backlink on them. Today free web 2.0 sites are highly in trend as people are using them to get backlinks for their sites so that the traffic of these sites can get redirected to their sites. So if you are the one who want a good SERP ranking of your site and want to increase PA and DA of your site then make sure to understand the significance of web 2.0 sites carefully. For making backlink on this website you have to post a blog on these sites which contain a link to your own website. As I said earlier these 2.0 sites are of high domain authority that means more user are visiting them on a regular basis.  When they will click on the link to your website there, definitely traffic would be generated to your website. Find a list of best web 2.0 sites for SEO to post your original and qualitative blogs. This is because if you are posting your good blog on a poor site it is not going to bring more reader for your blog and people will not read your blog if it is not on a reputed site. At the same time poor DA and PA along with low SERP rank is going to keep the people away from reaching you.

Best Web 2.0 Sites for Posting Your Blog

There are too many web 2.0 sites which claims to be the best and when we browse through the keyword web 2.0 sites list a list of websites is reflected on our screen. But not all of them are best in every way and you need to have the skills to choose the best of them by considering their DA and PA. Spam score of such sites also matters a lot. So you are ready to post your blog on a 2.0 website for getting a link, but wait! Do you have any idea about web 2.0 submission sites list which has high domain authority? Here is a list of web 2.0 websites, Have a look at them. You can see the criteria how to choose the best web 2.0 site for you to post your blog from the given examples below. Make sure that you are able to observe the minute details to get backlink from such sites.

1. WordPress.com

WordPress for Blogging

We all have heard about the name of WordPress many times from people and even read it. But have you ever imagined that it is the platform which is perfect for getting a backlink for your site. You can blindly increase the traffic of your site if it is visited by millions of people daily. Make sure that quality of the content is refined and uncopied. Millions of people consider it as their favourite platform for getting backlinks for their site to get good PA and DA along with traffic of the site also. It is an authentic blog submitting website with a high domain authority of 100 and page authority of 97. it is a top blogging website where you can submit your blogs in order to generate traffic to your website and increase domain authority. The only condition is about the quality of the content which should be fine.


2. Blogger.com

With a domain authority of 97 at the same time page authority of 97, this is the second most popular website for making backlinks through posting your content. You can consider this site with good PA and DA for backlink to your site as well. Not all web 2.0 websites are flawless but this is certainly the one which you can rely for getting a backlink for your site. Although it is not that easy to secure a backlink from such reputed site and you really need to put efforts for the same.


3. Tumblr.com

Tumblr for blogging

Likewise WordPress, Tumblr also has 100 domain authority and 97-page authority, again which is good for those who want to drive a good traffic to their website. Post your content and don’t miss the chance to popularise your blog website. While looking for web 2.0 submission sites list this is certainly one of the best site that you can trust on blindly for securing a good quality backlink.


4. Weebly.com

Weebly for blogging

We all have heard about it at one point or the other, some would have come across the word from their friend and might be through browsing. Yes, this is another one in web 2.0 sites list to post your content. Weebly has domain authority of 94 and page authority is 95. There is a huge web 2.0 submission site list but you can trust this one for sure. People are dying to secure a backlink from site like this and they upload quality content for this sake also. If you want to lower down the rejection chances for getting backlink from Weebly make sure to comply with the rules and terms of the site.


5. Wikidot.com

wikidot for blogging

When it comes to search for a web 2.0 site for posting your content and getting a backlink this is undoubtly one of the best website. We can see the huge reputation of Wiki dot in the market. It is no less than Wikipedia which is one of the most trusted resource on internet. Publish your blog on Wikidot to build a backlink. With a domain authority of 84 and page authority 85, it is number five on the list of top web 2.0 sites list. Your content quality should be fine in case you are trying to get a backlink from such site.

These are the best blog submitting sites for those who believe in building good backlinks and drawing traffic for their websites. Make sure that you are able to reach out more and more customers so that it can be fruitful for your business. Most of the time we ignore such important things and they results in business failure or such blast in our life.

Here are the free web 2.0 submission websites list

Web 2.0 Sites
Domain Authority
Free Business Listing Sites
Microblogging Sites
RSS Feed Submission Sites
Video Sharing Sites
Image Sharing Sites
Free Profile Creation Sites

The above web 2.0 submission sites list are suitable for all niche. Create quality links with the help of blogging and quality content that enhance the ranking of your keywords on the search engines. This technique of creating backlinks from the web 2.0 sites is using now these days by many event bloggers and business websites that have huge traffic because of rankings. If you want results on the search engine specially Google and Bing then this technique is very useful for you. Digital marketing is very fruitful for the businesses but only when you are making every effort to reach out more and more customers online. You really need to work hard for increasing the traffic of your site so that new people come to know about your business. We should understand the strength of marketing these days for making or breaking a business completely. It is one of the strongest pillar to connect with the people and turn them into your regular customers. When you are going to increase your website backlink from quality sites it is going to bring you big results in the term of success in your business for sure. The web 2.0 sites which are having very high spam score and poor DA and PA must be ignored as getting backlink from them can put your site into danger of low PA and DA along with low traffic as well.

Apart from this, if you need any help of suggestion then feel free to post your comment in the below section also you can mail me for any help.

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