Top 5 Fitness and Sports Products

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Sound health enables a sound mind and keeps us productive throughout the day. The fitness industry has grown leaps and bounds and has become an inevitable part of a person’s healthy life. Though there are a plethora of fitness products in the markets, all do not ensure good health with the fakes amalgamated to the real ones.

Top 5 Fitness and Sports Products

So, it is imperative to choose the right fitness products available in the retail market to move towards your fitness goals. You can save more on your purchase with Amazon Coupons. Amazon provides a list of coupons that can be used on various products to avail the discount.

In this article, let us take a look at the top 5 fitness and sports products available.



Flaunting six-pack abs and showing muscular power has been passed on to the common man from the entertainment industry. The muscular strength is increased with the intake of protein powders. The protein supplement intake has become an important necessity for gym goers. The protein powders need to be mixed optimally with a bottle shaker. The Fitkit shaker makes sure you the protein powder coalesces properly with water for the muscular intake. Let us look at the features of the bottle.


Features of Fitkit bottle shaker

  • Mixer ball wire whisk: The mixer ball wire whisk mixes the powders consistently and gives you a perfect protein shake every time you use.
  • Quality: The bottle is made of durable quality materials. It is made of a non-toxic material. The build is 100% Bisphenol-A (BPA) free, which ensures this bottle is better than glass or plastic water bottles.
  • This bottle has a leak-proof build. The stainless-steel lid prevents this from accidental spills.
  • Easy to clean and gives you years of use
  • Easy to carry and enables you to carry it outdoors for various purpose like jogging, swimming, cycling and for gyms.
  • Easy to use: The bottle opens by pushing the bottom of the bottle. You can drink with one hand while performing other actions.
  • Price: ₹219 with Amazon promo code.



Playing a sport every day keeps your body healthy and relieves you from stress. It has been the advice of doctors of all field to take up a sporting activity on a daily basis. So, the best game for beginners to start with will be badminton, which is easy to play and does not demand more energy like the other hard games. So, pick a badminton racquet with Amazon Promo Code.


Badminton Racquet description

  • Colors available: Blue, Red, Silver, Yellow
  • Low torsion steel shaft: This enables that gives you a great playing experience.
  • Lightweight racquet of just 90 grams. The lightweight enables you to play the game for a longer period of time with ease.
  • Material: The racquet’s frame is made up of Aluminum material. The aluminum frame can resist wear and tear
  • Headcover for the racquet is given so that you can protect the racquet.
  • Durable and damage resistant build
  • The handle is woven with a perfect grip that makes sure that the racquet does not slip out of the hands.
  • Model Number: GR 303
  • Price: The price of the product is ₹405. This comes at a discount of 30% with Amazon promo code.



As we saw earlier, Badminton looks to be a great game for beginners to open their sporting activity. To play badminton, not only a bat is necessary. Pack of shuttlecocks enables a seamless gameplay. Yonex the Chine spots brand manufactures quality products across all sports. Yonex is popularly known for its elite products for the badminton game. You can shop this product on Amazon and can use available promo code to avail the discount. Let us take a look at the features of the shuttlecock.


Attributes of Yonex Mavis Shuttle Cock

  • Skirt Material: Nylon. The nylon skirt material makes sure that the shuttlecock does not go off with wear and tear.
  • Design: Yonex does precise designing for accurate flight performance. When smashed the Nylon Mavis shuttlecock recovers in 0.02 seconds. The performance is 0.005 slower than a Yonex’ s Feather Shuttlecock 0.08 seconds faster than an ordinary shuttlecock.
  • Speed: Slow
  • Highly durable because of its solid build.
  • Value for money. The most cost-effective shuttlecock for practice sessions.
  • Price: Pack of 6 Nylon Mavis Shuttle Cock costs ₹335 with 30% Amazon Promo Codes.



Fitness enthusiasts who do not find time to hit the gym to keep their body sound and healthy can choose to use the exercise mat to carry out the workout stints at home. The normal marble floors are not suitable for exercise as this is slipper most of the times. That’s when the Exercise mat with solid grip comes to help us. Let us take some of the features of Exercise Mat.


Features of Exercise Mat

  • Colors available: Blue, Pink, Purple and red
  • The mat is most suitable for pilates and other work routines.
  • Carry strap is included for easy carry
  • A textured surface that gives you a good grip
  • Made of lightweight durable foam
  • The extra thickness gives an enhanced level of grip
  • Dimensions: 74-inches x 24-inches x 0.5-inches (L x W x H)
  • Price: ₹799. You get this price after application of Amazon promo code that gives 50% discount



Other than badminton, the other games that can be played for fun are the ball games. The balls tend to go deflated on continuous usage. So, in order to overcome this, having a hand pump is necessary. The Cosco hand pump enables you to inflate your balls instantly without any ordeal. Let us take a look at the features of the Cosco Handpump.


Features of Cosco Hand Pump

  • Meant for inflating balls only
  • The Needle to connect ball and pump is included
  • Made of plastic for lightweight and flexibility
  • Delicate product. Needs to be handled with care
  • Size: 6-inch size
  • Color: Black
  • Ergonomically designed that you can inflate without many hassles

Price: Amazon Promo Code gives you the product at ₹80 with 11 percent discount.

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