Top 5 Best Screen Recording Software for Windows

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If you are a YouTuber, a content maker or a student working on your presentation . . . screen recorders are a handy tool to have at your disposal.

However, among the countless options which ones come with minimum effort and maximum impact?

Don’t worry. We’ve got your back. We have sorted out the 5 best screen recorders for you to choose from. These will work with great compatibility with your Windows OS.

Plus, these will nullify most glitches while video recording. So, sit back and relax as we present our top picks.


The Usage of Screen Recorders

There are multiple usages of a screen recorder. The most common ones are;

  • To make a tutorial or directional video
  • To make long end slide shows for verbal presentation
  • To avail support functions from the company with easy identification of the problem
  • To Save online videos that do not have download options
  • Record video calls for your interviews or personal usages
  • To spy on your kids. (LOL)

Features of a Good Screen Recorder

You can identify a good screen recorder from a bad one by comparing the key features. The most used screen recorder in the field right now has;

  • No Glitch or Buffering
  • Different Saving Formats
  • Adjusted Editing Options
  • Easy Save and Control Functionality
  • Built-in Shareable Options
  • Limitless Recording Space


Now that we have all that out of the way, let’s move on to the list of wonders.

1. Sharex

Sharex Screen Recording Software for Windows

When you want ad-free software without paying for it, this is your best pick. It has advanced editing options inside it so you get instant videos in the blink of an eye. Heavy users are more drawn to this app.

It offers a smooth recording time without any buffers. You can use a different array of screen capturing shapes which is a big plus.


  • Professional video editor enabled
  • Quick navigation and unlimited options
  • Wall arts, clip arts, frame, and other necessary contents included
  • Faster response rate and easy-share options


  • It can be hard for the beginner to get hang of this app
  • Lack of quality in the formats

Final Verdict

Sometimes you need professional touch in your screen recording. This one is more than prepared for those times.





2. BandiCam

BandiCam Screen Recording Software for Windows

BandiCam can be your best friend when you need easy access screen recording. Controlling the app is super easy and you can use voice layover in the app simultaneously.

This app is perfect for all those instant content creators and gameplay hosts out there.


It has Professional video editing effects

  • The control mechanism is super easy and responding
  • Simultaneous voice recording is a big advantage in terms of instant content creation
  • It offers a great range of formats and larger pixel coverage


  • The software company imprints its logo onto the final video
  • Lack of gallery video embedding onto the software

Final Verdict

If you want to create your content within seconds then this is the right app you. This app requires minimum navigation and gives you quick services.





3. Camtasia

Camtasia Screen Recording Software

You might want to sit down for this because it is a full package. If you want to use a screen recorder and heavy editing at the same time then this is the tool for you. Camtasia comes with different editing modes, slots, section, and filters.

It gives you the touch of professionalism. The expert panel is able to meet the editing needs of even a perfectionist.


  • No need for an additional editor
  • Auto recording of the motion in different speeding modes
  • You can add multiple layers in the video if needed
  • Easy to operate and edit in the same app


  • They add the watermark of their company into the finished video
  • You need to buy the software to unlock its full potential

Final Verdict

This screen recorder is strictly for the professional editors out there. When you have a keen eye for details, this screen recorder will get you through.





4. CamStudio

CamStudio Screen Recording Software for Windows

If you are one of those Windows OS users who’s PC is not up to date then this might be the best screen recorder for you. This app takes the minimalistic approach seriously.

You can run this on any version of Windows OS and it provides good recording quality. It saves space and works fast at the same time.


  • It needs fewer memory places to run
  • Easy navigation and useful option for beginners
  • The video quality has fixed options but you can convert it if needed
  • Runs smoothly without stoppage or glitches


  • It does not have any trimming options embedded in it
  • Some deem that it needs upgrading to change according to the need of people

Final Verdict

If you are not a heavy screen recorder user then this might be the thing for you. It gets the job done without being too fancy about it.





5. Madcap Mimic

 Madcap Mimic Screen Recording Software for Windows

When you have had enough of the free stuff and want to get super professional with your videos. . . you can opt for Madcap Mimic. You can record your videos in three different modes depending on your needs.

It also comes with frames, clip arts, masks, and filter. Try the 30 days trial if you want a taste of what it actually is.


  • Professional video quality and editing tools
  • Quick and easy video combining
  • Three different video recording modes
  • Added content for easy conversions


  • The navigation system needs an upgrade
  • The video saving formats are few with the free version

Final Verdict

For those of us who want to stay a step ahead in the game, this is the perfect screen recorder. Try the trial version to see what we mean.






The world of technology is ever evolving, so we might see more similar apps and software that work better and faster.

Until then, these are best of what the market has to offer right now. Hopefully, you will find your desired screen record from this list and thank me in your head.

You’re welcome in advance. Happy editing!

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