Top 10 Websites to Order Food Online

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Looking to order food? Find the best in your city? Get Good food on the go!

Top 10 Websites to Order Food Online

Feeling hungry?  You can easily satisfy your hunger with your favourite snacks at your doorstep. There are verity of foods available that you can choose from that Chinese, south Indian, Punjabi, fresh vegetables and dairy products, some of these listed below also provide discounts and offers and also deliver fast.

Yummy and tasty food is just click away and is delivered faster than what you can imagine. These applications mentioned below are doorway to the fresh and delicious foods.




Now carry restaurants in your pockets. Swiggy application lets you order your favourite food from the restaurant you love and you can even track the order from your mobile phone.

Swiggy detects your location and shows all the restaurants that are near you, just select your food from the restaurant menu and leave rest on swiggy, they will deliver you food as soon as possible.

It is one of the top most delivering aap and the reason for this is its fast delivery and topmost features, here are some of its attractive features that makes it different.

FAST DELIVERY:- It provides very fast delivery at your door step, and delivery is faster that what you can imagine.

LIVE ORDER TRACKING:- If you don’t like waiting for your food you can even track your order online.

NO MINIMUM ORDER LIMITATIONS:- If you want more that required amount, need not worry there is no order limitation on Swiggy.

OFFERS AND SWIGGY COUPONS:- There are sometimes attractive offers available on swiggy and offers may range from 10 percent discount to 50 percent discount.

Swiggy app is available on Google play store and apple and is available for free, just login to you account on your device and download it. Application will automatically detect your location nut just make sure that your device location is on, after login select you favourite restaurant and start ordering.



Being one of the most famous food ordering app, it connects you to all nearby restaurants and outlets that are near you.

Food panda is a strong believer that food is passion for foodies and this is the reason they do fast delivery. You can order whatever you like from pizza, subway to traditional foods or any local famous restaurant. It has a widely spread network and is available in 40 countries.

Food panda does not believe is just delivering food  but just sits with chef  and arranges that menu so that you eating experience with food panda is best, they really love their customers.

VARIETY OF ITEMS: Looking for variety? Food panda is the best option and the reason i8s its wide network with restaurants nears you. From the tadka of Punjab to the chillies and peppers of South, Food panda covers all the varieties from the soils of Rajasthan to the Great wall of China. The flavour of Italian, Mexican and Chinese to Shakes and Ice creams is just amazingly mouth-watering.

FAST DELIVERY: Food Panda delivers food fast at your doorstep.

OFFERS AND DISCOUNTS: They also offer discounts on some special occasions and festivals.

You can enjoy great deal of offers from the trusted restaurants of the country under one roof.

DOWNLOAD: This app is made for all the food lovers and can be easily operated on Android smartphones after downloading it from Google Play Store.

So, what are you waiting for? Hurry Up! Pick up your phones and download this amazing and incredible app for free and register yourself to avail the current best discounts and offers.



Eat Smart. Get Fit. Feel Fab.

FreshMenu brings you an exotic range of products of different flavours and tastes to let you enjoy

each and every essence of food. With easy and fast delivery, it provides you the variety of food items at the cheapest possible rate with huge cash backs and offers.

Fresh Menu as the name suggests provides you with the fresh food 24*7.

VARIETY OF CHOICES: There is a wide variety of food products that include the categories like All day meals, pizzas, eggs, desserts, rolls, biryani, Choco lava cakes, pastries, ice creams ‘n’ shakes etc. at heavily discounted prices.

ESSENCE OF CONTINENTS: It brings you different continental cuisines from almost all the continents- Italian, Chinese, Mexican, American, Mediterranean, blah, blah are few of the names.

OFFERS: This is the best online platform to shop food online. It provides you great offers with various cashback offers.

FAST DELIVERY: Free delivery offer on first order is its one of the lucrative offer.

RATES: Get fresh home delivered food at the cheapest possible prices. Avail the delicious dishes at the price starting from Rs. 50.

DOWNLOAD FOR FREE: There is a free online Food ordering app FreshMenu available at Google Play Store. You can download the app from the Play store.



One of the most popular online food ordering app, Zomato gives the best restaurant recommendations to its users.

Apart from offering you a vast variety of choices among different restaurants, Zomato also works as a sort of social network like Facebook and Twitter for foodies.

You can follow different people and read their restaurant reviews and can also create your own profile.

REVIEWS AND RATINGS: The feature of putting your reviews and rating the restaurants as per your choice and experience offered by this food app is amazing.

The Zomato team also regularly creates lists, called ‘collections’, in which they list out the best or the most impressive restaurants and joints under different categories.

DELIVERY: Zomato gives you the best and fast delivery 24*7.

OFFERS AND DISCOUNTS: Various cashback back offers and the discount on the food items are the two attractive tenders of this app.

DOWNLOAD: You can download this all amazing food app from Google Play Store on your Android Smartphones.

If you are food lover and really like to eat and chill out, then you should definitely have Zomato installed in your smartphones.



FoodMingo, an online food ordering app, founded by Pushpinder Singh in 2012 is currently operating across many metropolitan cities that includes Hyderabad, Pune, Bengaluru and Aurangabad.

This is one of the best app for the food lovers that enables its users to order food online from and book tables at restaurants of their choice.

DEALS AND OFFERS: It also offers coupons and deals from its partner restaurants in those cities.

LIST OF OPTIONS: You can just select your favourite joint from the given list and just book your dining at a single tap.

TRACK ORDERS: The feature of tracking the order online is one of the best feature offered by this amazingly useful smartphone app.

PAYMENT OPTIONS: Payment can me made via Paytm wallet or can be done using Credit/Debit cards. You can also use the Cash On delivery option.

DOWNLOAD AND USE: FoodMingo can be easily downloaded on your Smartphones using the Google Play Store on Android and iOS on Apple.



JustEat is another similar kind of service which lets you browse nearby restaurants and then order food online. Its is really popular at in cities like Delhi, Mumbai and Chennai. It has access to large number of restaurants and you can even pay through credit card and PayTm.

ACCESS TO VARIETY OF OPTIONS: You can have access to a large number of menus and restaurants using this all foodie app.

PAYMENT OPTIONS: The ability to pay using cards or Cash on Delivery is one of the other feature of this app.

TRACK YOUR ORDER: You can track your order on this platform.

MAIN CENTRES: The Just Eat app, right now, serves to the nine Indian metropolitan cities including Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad and Chennai among others.

DISCOUNTS AND OFFERS: You can avail multiple discounts for online payment or via various coupon codes. It operates in most of the big cities in India.

DOWNLOAD FOR FREE: This app can be easily downloaded and operated on your smartphones using the Google Play Store.



Chownow is another one of the famous online food ordering app that can be downloaded on your smartphones or can be operated through its official website.

The ability to use this app via its official website makes it different from all other applications.

ORDER OPTIONS: This awesome food online app allows customers to place orders directly from the website and facebook page- all for a flat rate.

LOCATE ON MAP: One of the best features of Chownow- Chownow Discover puts your restaurant on the map, so hungry customers craving cuisine can find you in seconds.

DICOUNT AND OFFERS: You can avail heavy discounts and less delivery charges on your first order and can make the best use of it.

PAYMENT OPTIONS: You can pay your bill using your paytm wallet and can avail the Cash On Delivery Option.



Available on iOS and Android platforms, TastyKhana, also known as The online Food Mall, which was founded by Sachin Bhardwaj and Sheldon Rai in 2007, enables users to get a list of 7000 restaurants across the world and select the one of their choice and order the delicious and mouth-watering food to satisfy their hunger soon.

CREATE YOUR PROFILE: TastyKhana asks the user to create profile and enter the location of their favourite restaurant and their orders.

PAYMENT OPTIONS: Payment can be made through net banking, Cash on delivery or credit/debit cards.

DOWNLOAD ON SMARTPHONES: Android users can download it on their smartphones from Google Play Store.

FoodPanda acquired this app in 2014.



Faasco is very popular in big cities like  Bangalore, Ahmadabad, Mumbai and Pune.

This aap lets you customize your orders and different ways.

There are multiple options available for customization. You can opt for online payment or pay by cash when order is delivered at your doorstep, Faascio application also allows you to track your order  from your mobile.

CUSTOMIZE YOUR ORDER: The app gives you the options to customize your orders in multiple ways.

PAYMENT OPTIONS: Once you’ve finalized your order you can either opt for cash on delivery or use the app to make an online payment or pay using your credit/debit card.

TRACK YOUR ORDER: You can also use the app to track your orders.

OFFERS AND DISCOUNTS: You can avail fassos offers to get maximum possible discount.

SERVICES AND FACILITIES: The app provides you the service 24*7.



With all new Domino’s app, Satisfy your cravings for the cheesy and blockbuster pizza anytime and anywhere. This awesome and amazing app lets you quickly order your Pizza online and get it delivered soon. You can make your payments via Paytm wallet or Cash on Delivery.

Now, Save Money and Time both by a single tap. Get all the fresh food products from your favourite restaurants and outlets easily on a single click and that too 24*7. So, what are you waiting for. Go and download the apps and enjoy eating.

Have a Happy Time..!! 😊


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