Tips to Maintain Your Washing Machine at Home

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A Washing Machine is one of the basic and crucial elements of the house. With easy buy options, it is not considered as a luxury arrangement anymore. Technology always aims at resolving a problem or giving a way out to help humans by reducing the manual effort but it demands periodical maintenance. The same is the case with washing machines, if used with proper care and measures, it can help reduce the damage and hence increase the durability of the machine.

Tips to Maintain Your Washing Machine at Home

1. Foul Smell Prevention

It’s a common complaint when people experience an unpleasant smell from the inner part of the tub. This is due to the regular habit of closing the door every time after washing, which leads to the bacteria deposit on the surface of the tub. The right practice is to open the door for 20-30 minutes and use a soft towel to wipe off the remaining moisture. This mostly happens with Front Load Washing Machines.

2. Cleaning the Washing Machine

Although many economical range automatic washing machines are also equipped with Auto Tub Clean Feature, people do not utilize the application of it. A washer requires monthly cleaning to deliver 100% of its cleaning performance. Leftover detergent residue on the textile surface is one of the first signs of the decreasing efficiency and indicator of when a machine requires deep cleaning.

If you are using a semi-automatic variant without automatic cleaning, use a water pipe with the warmest possible setting with a fine quality detergent to get rid of the scaling and enjoy commendable cleaning output.

3. Filters Maintenance

It is advisable to clean the lint filter every 2-3 months of use. The best practise is to take the filter out and use a brush to clean the scale off the screen. You can also immerse the filter in the hot water for removing any residue deposits.

4. Replacing the Water Hoses

Water hoses are the medium of the flow of water and need to be checked for cracking or any leaked edges. Here, the most important concern is the drainage pipe which needs to be checked. It could contain dust or other small particles that clog the pipe. Periodical cleaning could help out in getting rid of any blocking in the pipe.

5. Detergent type and Dosage

The life and performance of the machine are also dependable on the compatibility of the detergent with the washing machine type. For example, if you are using a semi-automatic washing machine, look for a powder form detergent and go for liquid detergents if the machine type is automatic. There are some best Indian washing machine brands offering an automatic recommendation of the detergent based on the load size in the tub. For example, Whirlpool has a Detergent Dosage recommendation.

6. Right capacity based on the family size

The most important aspect before deciding the best washing machine for your household is the capacity of the washer. For example, if you are a family of 2-3 persons and do laundry on a weekly basis, a 6-7 Kg capacity washing machine should be your choice. The reason I am mentioning this is due to the fact that if you overload your washing machine, all the applications are going to get compromised. It can lead to damage or low-quality wash.

7. Even Horizontal Surface

Many people ignore the importance of keeping the washing machine at an even horizontal level. The consequences lead to heavy vibrations which could damage the motor in the longer use. You will experience alarming vibrations during drying operation. There are also many high end models equipped with an indicator to notify if the machine is not standing on a flat surface but never forget to check the positioning as it could solemnly have a negative impact on the life of the appliance.

8. Clothes inside the washing machine for Long

Many people build a habit of running the wash cycle at night and remove the garments out of the tub after they wake up in the morning. This could be a way of convenience for busy working individuals but it could result in a mould smell if this happens very frequently. Leaving clothes inside the closed container would result in a foul smell. It is recommended to take the clothes out just after the wash for not experiencing any bacteria deposits on the surface of the tub and enjoy longer life of the appliance.

9. Cleaning with Natural Cleansers

If you don’t want to use detergent while cleaning the tub, there are multiple options you actually have in your home only which could help in complete cleaning. The best one is using Vinegar.


Follow the below steps:

  1. First of all, spray the vinegar on the rubber gasket and try to remove the dust deposits using a hard toothbrush or an old cloth. Detach the removable parts of the machine like detergent or fabric softener dispensers and clean them with a partially wet towel.
  2. Select the warmest possible setting.
  3. Select the maximum load capacity and pour 800-900ml of vinegar and run the cycle.
  4. You could also use baking soda as an addition.
  5. Close the door and let the machine complete the cycle
  6. You could also spray the vinegar on the outside body and the top and use a dry rag to wipe off the surface.



The purpose of this article is to create awareness about how to use the washing machine carefully at home. We are deeply dependent on washers to save us from the tedious task of cleaning regular clothes to heavy textiles. If it’s making our life easier, we should have pay back with some manual and automatic precautions. I deeply recommend you to follow the above-mentioned practices and enjoy the longevity of the appliance. I hope this article would have helped you to gain some insights regarding washing machine maintenance at home with easy and doable actions.

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