7 Tips to Decide the Designs and Colours for Your Office

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Did you know your review about a workplace depends on its Colour theme and design elements?

More so, do you know that Colour impacts productivity, creativity, and work mood?

If you must, Colours affect our behavior and responses. The Colour harmony combined with the science of psychology generates reactions accurate enough to describe our mood. It is one thing office owners must consider when investing in office furniture. It doesn’t mean you stick to those Colours and make your office a garden. Instead, create a perfect palette of all those Colours to elicit a positive and specific response.

7 Tips to Decide the Designs and Colours for Your Office

As per the Colourtheory. There are some primary rules and guidelines that surround its use in creating aesthetically pleasing visuals. The better you understand it, the more value you can derive from the chosen Colour for new office furniture.

That said, the following are some tips that’ll help you find the right Colour for your office furniture.

Choose Colours that you as an employee feel comfortable with:

To make the best use of Colours in your office, you need to think like an employee. Since they spend approximately 9-10 hours of their day in the office, it is imperative to create an environment that comforts and relaxes them. For example, add some green to create a refreshing atmosphere. Go with some blue to build a soothing location. Choose red since it elevates energy levels.

Pick Colours that define your brand:

Don’t go for a cohesive Colour story. Alternately, consider the Colours and shades that fit your branding story. They don’t necessarily be a part of your logo or similar designs. Avoid dark Colours as they make the space look crowded and cluttered.

Don’t overdo your office space:

Avoid overwhelming the office space with too much office furniture. Pick only the best office furniture and place it along with your Colour theme, even if the rest of it is left empty. Sometimes, even space works as an aphrodisiac for people.

Keep it balanced:

Do not concentrate several Colours in one area and no Colour in the other. Strike a balance between your Colours and accents like art, plants, furniture for office, and other decorative pieces. Choose items that complement your main Colours, not just blend in.

Use plants as Colour:

The vibrant green can do wonders that no paint can!
So, consider adding varied plant types that best fit your space. Also, ensure they are taken care of consistently. Plants in the office improve air quality by removing harmful pollutants and also stabilize humidity levels.

Choose large scale art pieces:

Whether you work from home or in an office, the artwork is a necessary part of any office furniture. It adds weightage to your personality and breaks down solid Colours. Moreover, such pieces make your space feel bigger.

Add accent wall:


It adds a big splash to your whole space. Accent walls stir up positivity and a favorable impression in the office space.

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