Color Ideas for Your Mobile House: Paint It Home

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When it comes to house coloring (mobile homes included), ideas are numerous and inexhaustible. It’s easier to name colors that are not recommended – for example, too bright red and orange (unless you really want it this way). As you can see on, there are many ways to rearrange and decorate the interior and exterior appearance of your home. A color is just a tool, as usable as any other, if not more than that.

Color Ideas for Your Mobile House - Paint It Home

If you can’t decide on the right color combination, the ornament, or the overall style, we hope you will enjoy this article. It has some recommendations on both the interior and the exterior. But remember to trust your taste: After all, it’s your home, not of those passing by.

The Colors of the Season

It’s 2022, and this year (like any other) has its trends in everything, even when it comes to colors for manufactured homes. So, which colors and approaches to colors are appreciated right now?

  • Any bright colors. In 2022, conformism is a sin, and expressing oneself is a virtue. So if you like it be bright green, or blue as the TARDIS (to make your home feel more spacious), or orange, or whatever you like;
  • Skirting is not a solely protective element but a decoration too. You can leave its original color, paint it the same as the walls, or play with the contrast that inevitably forms between the skirting and the walls. Highlighting the transition is more spectacular than concealing it. To make your house look solid, paint the skirting darker than the walls, so they look like stone;
  • Choose the same color for your doors and windows. It looks great when lighter than the color of the walls;
  • Tender colors like beige or cream also look stylish and homely. They welcome you with warmth even before you get inside. If you paint your windows and doors even lighter, this will look even warmer and softer.

Choose various color combinations for different rooms to better reflect their function. While the bathroom is traditionally white, ivory, or beige, the kitchen can have a light green color, and the dining room can be yellowish or light blue.

Options for All Time

There are always conservative decisions that look undisputedly fashionable throughout centuries:

  • One such color is gray. It seems the simplest, but it has various shades ( there are about 30 distinguishable ones but don’t hide behind the dust cover). Gray looks like stone, making the house look like a tradition keeper;
  • Pure white might be too chic, as it gets dirty too soon and requires constant maintenance. But what about dirty marble white? This color follows us right from antiquity;
  • Brownish wooden colors are also an eternal value. Especially if you have some genuine wooden elements around, though it’s not necessary;
  • Traditional dark colors for the exterior are practical and stylish at the same time. In addition, they conceal dust and dirt that builds up on the walls (it doesn’t mean your walls don’t need cleaning this way!) In addition, you can save the darkest shades for the skirting.


You can have your manufactured home in the colors you like: Most manufacturers offer it as a part of customization options.

If you paint it by yourself, mind the materials. Not all paints hold well on any type of surface.

Listening to your mood is good. But choose the colors that you have liked for most of your life, not those you’d like to see only now. This will save regrets as well as money and effort if you change your mind.

Remember that buying a house is just the first step to making it a home. It’s hard to overrate the meaning of colors in it. While the paint dries, you can read more materials on our site rather than watch it dry, or leave a comment down below.

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