Tips for Choosing a Great Office Space

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When it comes to business, the presentation of the office matters a lot. Most clients and potential investors will record their first impression based on the office set up, and how arranged the space is. Therefore, it is essential to consider a raft of factors before settling on a given office space for rent. It is also important to note that the office is fundamental in raising workers’ morale, hence contributing to the rate of return on investment.

Tips for Choosing a Great Office Space

Before settling on a given office space, there are some aspects one needs to consider to secure a space that would greatly benefit his/her business. This post has addressed some of the considerations one needs to follow to get the perfect place for their business.


A business’s location is crucial in dictating whether it will flourish or collapse in the short-run. For a sufficient office space, it should be in a place that is easily accessible by both employees and customers. Also, security is a critical factor when it comes to choosing an office location. It is essential to consider the amenities available around the office location; things like a gymnasium, cafeteria, or restaurant can play a crucial role in ensuring your clients’ and employees’ happiness and satisfaction.


The main aim of businesses is to minimize overhead costs while maximizing profits. However, good things are not cheap, and one who is looking for ample office space for rent has to get deep into the pocket and payout more. This does not mean going for office spaces that cost a considerable sum of rent, which would otherwise become unmanageable. To choose an office space depending on the cost, one has to examine his/her financial state and the business’s capabilities to handle the rental expenses. Essentially, it is of great value to watch out for hidden costs such as parking and maintenance fees that most landlords never disclose to their tenants till the day they are moving into the premises.

The Office Size

This will depend on the size of a person’s business. If the business is big and has more staff members, it would call a larger office space. The rule recommends that the average space needs about 60 to 70 square feet per occupant. A standard office would take care of the meeting and areas to refresh or relax during job breaks. Additionally, while choosing a space, one has to evaluate the type of equipment they have and the kind of desks used by the staff not to squeeze things up.

Available infrastructure

Activities carried out in a given office will require stable internet connectivity and a mobile phone network since communication is essential in the business’s smooth operation. Additionally, if the office is located several floors up a building, it is essential to identify elevators and lifts to aid with the movement. It would be discouraging to both clients and staff members to use the staircase to get into the business offices that are located over five floors high.

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