7 Excellent Conversion Tips On How To Optimize Ecommerce Sales

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The importance of optimizing an ecommerce store for business success is one of the most forgotten parts of online marketing. Properly optimizing the e-commerce business is the key to gain more traffic and sales.

If the conversion rate is very low, it will be very hard to manage a sustainable business. Whether an entrepreneur is an experienced level enterprise or a beginner in the digital world, unique marketing plans should be applied at every stage to widen the market in this digital world.

7 Excellent Conversion Tips On How To Optimize Ecommerce Sales

Here are seven excellent conversion tips that can transform e-commerce page into a conversion magnet.



1. Product SEO

People search for a certain product or service through using keywords. Keyword research is one of the most vital elements for a Product SEO, that’s why it is also important to choose keywords that are very relevant to the products.

Wrong keywords for a product can lead to lower traffic and poor sales. Using the right keywords can increase the opportunities for attracting the attention of the consumers in also raising the chances of getting more sale.

2. Fast Speed

People want to use the internet since it is convenient, so if the page takes the time to load, then it becomes very irritating. Slow loading pages are 72% higher bounce rate than fast loading pages, according to Decibel Insight’s research on bounce rate and page load time.

A fast loading website has higher scores on search rankings. So it is important to optimize the site to lessen load time. These three wide domains deal particularly with the delay of website’s load time.

  • Browser rendering
  • Network transmission
  • Server computation



3. Picture perfect

Large and sharp quality images can sell more products. Aside with the quality and size of the photo, pictures taken at various angles can produce captivating browsing experience.

Captivating product images can get more shares on social media and can boost brand popularity. Aside from this, it can gain more traffic from image search in Google and even raise the ranking of these pages, because an optimized photo tells Google what the site is all about.

4. Effortless checkout

Some people might believe that once the consumers are in the process of checkout, they are surely going to finish it. Well, it’s not the case all the time. An average large-sized e-commerce site can get is a 35.26% raise in conversion rate if it has a great and easy checkout design according to Baymard Institute.

5. Home Page

The home page can give the customer a first impression of the store, and it is also an important component to getting the most out of it. Owners can use analytical tools like SEO reports and Google Analytics to determine the product’s performance and to promote their top products in header and banner sliders.

After an excellent service experience and with a spectacular good range of products, very satisfied customers will surely turn into loyal customers and will visit the website again.

6. Highlight returns and refunds

When shopping for items online, one of the greatest fears that the consumers have is thinking about what will happen if the product malfunctions after a week or if they don’t like the product.

E-commerce entrepreneurs can remove ambiguity to customers by providing a clear policy in regards to returning and refunding. Returns and refunds can also be a good chance to turn users into customers.

7. Product search optimization

An e-commerce site needs to have a search option which is evidently visible. The product search tab should be highlighted and should be noticeable, to make sure that the search box doesn’t get lost with the other components on the site.

Another essential thing is to provide keyword recommendations because the customer types his or her search question in the search box. This element can help consumers search the right keyword and make it easier for them to get the specific product more quickly.

If the inventory is vast, they can use third party engines like SOLR or Celbros for faster search results.




All e-commerce entrepreneurs face the problem of needing to drive more traffic to their page and converting more of the audience into buyers. If they can convert them into buyers, they can generate more sales without even trying to change prices. Fortunately, there are some essential conversion optimization tips that they can follow to increase their conversion rates.

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