Things To Do With Friends When You’re Bored

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There was always a new game to play or a new adventure to take on as a child. You never murmured the words “I’m bored” until your late teens, usually with your eyes glued to your smartphone. Now, as your casual Sunday afternoon creeps on, you’ve decided you’re no longer going to be bored. There is a famous saying that boredom is the key to making great changes, so now you’ve just got to find the means by which to change the trajectory of your current less-than-exciting weekends. There’s nothing to be ashamed of here: About 60 percent of adults believe their lives are too “grown-up,” and 73 percent miss aspects of their childhood. You decide that enough is enough and take out your cell phone to send a group chat to your closest friends: “Hey all, it’s time to stop being bored!”

Things To Do With Friends When Youre Bored

The top ways to have the most fun

Filled with excitement, you and your closest buddies begin planning out a list of all of the places you want to go. For the first time in months, your calendar is filled and the holiday season is approaching, giving you even more of a positive outlook on life. The biggest shopping day of the year is heading your way, and considering all of the new trips on your horizon, there is no better gift than that of cherishing memories. Black Friday is the single best day of the year to get a head start on holiday shopping for your loved ones, and some sales even start on Thanksgiving Day, offering you an early Black Friday.

Black Friday shopping can be daunting

The deals on Black Friday can often be so enticing that people camp out for days in order to score a deal on the lowest prices of the year, setting up tents in front of Best Buy and Target. The thought of saving hundreds, and maybe even thousands, on laptops, appliances, or a new air fryer is enough to coerce even city dwellers into sleeping on the pavement. Some may feel comfortable joining the stampede in the hunt for a great bargain, but there’s also a safer option. offers a safe haven for black Friday shoppers who want early access to great deals but also want to protect themselves from the terror that can be the shopping mall during the holiday season. They even offer free shipping backed with a holiday price match guarantee.

Basketball is more fun with friends

There is no excitement quite like an NBA basketball game. The offseason can often be such a depressing time for basketball lovers. As the holiday season is in full swing, that also means the NBA season is kicking into high gear. Searching for scores on a Sunday afternoon is a simple pleasure for the basketball lover in your family. The list of NBA teams that are vying for the championship title this season is growing longer and longer. Will the Golden State Warriors return to victory? Maybe the Sacramento Kings will pull off teamwork that’ll head them into the playoffs for the first time in nearly 20 years. One of the most exhilarating aspects of professional sports is that anything is possible! Athletes like Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook, and Damian Lillard light up the court every game.

The holiday season is a peak time for creating long-lasting memories with your loved ones. The United States is in love with documenting our happiest times, like heading to the Western Conference finals or to New York for a Nets game (Kawhi Leonard has been dominating lately!). Shopping online for Black Friday deals can help you be sure you get the best prices on exclusive deals for the most popular items. Maybe you can snag a new big-screen TV and host a major party for your best buds for the NBA Finals. Our money is on the Suns, or maybe even the New Orleans Pelicans.

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