The Teeth Experts: 4 New Dental Technologies for Your Dental Office

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Today’s new technologies can make different professionals such as the dentists perform their chosen field more easily and comfortably. As a dentist, having these high-quality technologies will help you to be better in detecting and treating your patient’s tooth decay with maximum comfort.

The Teeth Experts- 4 New Dental Technologies for Your Dental Office

Using these tools in performing dental procedures ensures better oral health for your patients. Aside from that, your knowledge with how to use these tools will also help provide them with the best possible experience inside your dental office. Thus, here are the four new dental tools for your office.


Intraoral Camera

One expert dentist in Townsville states that an Intraoral Camera is one of the most beneficial tools you can use in your dental office. This camera is a wand-like device that you can use in projecting the up-close and enlarged images of your patient’s tooth into a screen.

You can insert the Intraoral Camera inside your patient’s mouth so you can take clear images of the tooth from a variety of angles with the help of your monitor. These pictures are helpful for you to diagnose and recommend a better treatment plan for your patient’s dental problem.

The tooth’s images taken by the Intraoral Camera will help you to explain the findings of each intraoral image thoroughly to your patients. Using this camera, you’ll also be able to show the wear of your patient’s teeth, gingival recession, and the margins of existing restorations.


Digital Radiography

Digital Radiography or direct digital radiography is dental equipment that is similar to the traditional X-ray systems that allow you to treat bone loss, detect tooth decay, and other root canals.

However, the process for Digital Radiography is faster compared to the traditional X-ray system. This procedure is helpful to reduce your patient’s exposure to radiation. When you perform the digital X-ray, you have to place a sensor or detector that looks like a piece of a film on your patient’s tooth.

Digital Radiography uses x-ray sensitive plates that are essential to directly capture the data or images during your patient’s dental examination that transfers immediately to your computer system.

After taking the picture, you can adjust its brightness and contrast to help optimize your diagnosis and helps you find even the smallest areas of the tooth decay. Aside from that, using this equipment is also beneficial to develop the photos quickly which could help eliminate the treatment disruptions.


Air Abrasion

Air Abrasion is essential equipment that works like a mini sandblaster that removes impurities from the tooth. Abrasion is a procedure that helps eliminate the decay from your patient’s tooth without using a dental drill. The process is also applicable for preparing a tooth for the placement of restorations.

This process uses an air compression device to help deliver tiny particles to your patient’s stained or decayed portion of the tooth. These particles come from a mixture of silica, baking soda, or aluminum oxide. During the abrasion, you can propel these particles on your patient’s tooth surface to help remove plaque, calcium deposits, and tooth decay.

Air Abrasion can also provide comfort for your patient because the process can help minimize the discomfort. Thus, the procedure would be a better option for children and adults who have fears with needles, and noise and vibration from other dental handpieces.



When it comes to lasers, people also ask “do dental lasers hurt?” The answer is that most people find them comfortable. Lasers are one of the best dental equipment you can use as an alternative to drills.

Lasers are more precise and can provide a lot of benefits for your patients. These tools are essential in treating your patient’s tooth decay by removing the rot within the tooth. You can also use them to reshape the gums and remove the bacteria during the root canal procedures to treat gum disease.

Lasers are also ideal to remove the biopsy or a small piece of tissue that you can use for a cancer examination. They can also remove the lesions in the mouth to help relieve the pain from the canker sores or the aphthous ulcers. These tools are also useful to help speed up whitening process of your patient’s teeth using their peroxide bleaching solution.


As a dentist, the emerging of the new technologies in the market and using them are essential to provide your patients with better oral health care. Above are some of those high-quality tools that will help you to do the different dental procedures for your dental health problems with maximum comfort.

Your knowledge on how you can utilize these technologies would also be ideal to help give the quality services for your patients safely and accurately. Hence, Tisseront Orthodontics and other dental offices will provide you with additional insights with the correct use of them.

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