The Importance of Workplace Lifts

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It’s typical to walk into a large, multi-storey, commercial property and find a lift. It’s nearly a must to have one there, and we use it without thinking. We don’t appreciate it when it’s there until we are forced to use the fire exit staircase in place of the lift. The inconvenience brought by the absence of an elevator suddenly makes us realise how grueling life would be without it.

The Importance of Workplace Lifts

This only goes to show that having a workplace lift is both beneficial and essential to businesses. Commercial lifts keep tenants and staff members safe and comfortable. They ensure smooth transport of people and office paraphernalia.

To better appreciate this long-running form of technology, here are some of the advantages of having a lift in the workplace.

Why Are Workplace Lifts Important?

1. Commercial Lifts Provide a Sheer Level of Efficiency

If the commercial building has multiple storeys, it’s a given that a large number of employees will be coming in and out of it on a daily or hourly basis. Commercial lifts ease their burden by providing a means of transportation from one floor to another. This helps them keep their focus on their tasks, which then increases productivity.

2. Workplace Lifts Help Ensure Safety in Mobility

People rushing up and down the stairs pose a threat to all of them. They could be bumping into each other or pushing one another. They could also be slipping or spilling drinks. Thus, the risk of injury is high. Having a lift in the workplace lessens the possibilities of office accidents.

3. Office Elevators Transport Heavy Supplies and Equipment

Carrying heavy objects strains your back, more so when you’re taking the stairs and going against, or with the pull of gravity. Elevators eliminate that health risk. Also, it keeps your and supplies undamaged, sparing your budget from being spent on unnecessary repairs.

Warehouses are places where a lot of heavy-lifting happens—crates, boxes, packages, cans, barrels, and sacks. They are impossible to lift unless a dozen or more people put an effort. Relying on people alone to carry such heavy objects poses injuries to staff members. This is where electric or hydraulic elevators come in handy. They are designed to lift heavy objects at faster speeds.

4. Commercial Lifts Make Workplaces Inclusive

By this, we mean access for both those who can move around comfortably and those in need of mobility aids. A person who uses a wheelchair or a pair of crutches will be inconvenienced by the lack of an elevator or an inclined plane in the office.

The Satisfactions of Having a Workplace Lift

1. Commercial Lifts Help Save Office Space

A staircase requires more space than a lift. The latter only needs a shaft so it can move up and down the building.

An elevator allows for more room to create an office or recreational area. The building then looks more professional, crisp, and staff member-friendly.

2. Deadlines Are Easier to Meet When There Are Lifts in the Workplace

People are always busy in the office. They are all working towards their respective deadlines. Lifts in the workplace help save their energy and time, which keeps them productive. They don’t need to spend a long time running up and down the stairs to coordinate with different departments or attend meetings.

3. Oddly Enough, Lifts Are Easy to Install and Maintain

Provided you’ve signed with a reliable elevator contractor such as West Coast Elevators, maintaining a lift is easy. They do all the regular checks and fix minute damages.


Lifts are a prerequisite in commercial buildings for safety, convenience, and necessity reasons. They are beneficial to businesses, employees, contractors, and visitors. If you’re a civilian benefiting from the satisfaction from elevators, do your part in caring for it and using it properly.

As for building owners, there different types of elevators and various types of businesses. The law mandates rules for each kind. Brush up on those, and make sure you follow the requirements to the letter for ease in installation and permit issuance. This will also ensure the safety and convenience of everyone who will be using your lifts.

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