Term Insurance Benefits You Cannot Ignore

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Term insurance plans in India are numerous, with each proposing maximum cover at affordable premium rates. The rate of inflation is increasing each year, and lifestyle diseases are becoming inescapable; it has become imperative to get life insurance. A term insurance plan with an adequate life cover protects against redundant economic crisis by promising a sum assured to the dependents in case of the sudden death of the policyholder during the term policy period.

Term Insurance Benefits You Cannot Ignore


What is a term insurance plan?

A term plan is the purest form of life insurance that provides coverage to you and your family for a specified period. Selecting the best term life insurance for you and your family can be a tricky task. Many people are not aware of factors that govern choosing the best term life insurance that would financially protect their loved ones after your unexpected demise. To secure your loved ones’ financial future, you must move beyond comparing premium prices to choose the best term insurance plan.

Here are a few benefits to select the best term life insurance:

1. Significantly High Insurance Cover

A term insurance plan provides unmatched financial security to you and your family. It has the lowest premium rates, and you can afford to get comprehensive protection on your life. While buying a term plan, your age and medical history play an important role in determining the coverage and the premium rate. It is prudent to invest as early as possible to get the best term life insurance plan as you are relatively free from significant ailments and have good health when young. The insurance policy is issued instantly without strict underwriting formalities. A term plan offers the life cover for the highest age bracket among all other insurance plans. You can continue the protection for up to the age of 85 years.

It would help if you could first ascertain the level of coverage that would suffice your family’s needs. A term insurance premium calculator enables you to determine the same.

2. Long Term Income Protection

Being the sole bread earner in your family can bring many responsibilities on your shoulders. Imagine what will happen to your loved ones in case of your early demise. A term insurance policy ensures income protection, even in times when you are longer around. The best term life insurance will provide you with the flexibility to choose among various payout options such as lump sum or monthly payouts.

You can also get all your money back if you survive the policy term. Term insurance programs with a refund of the premium benefits offer in order to obtain all premiums paid for the policy as an advantage in survival.

3. Comprehensive Tax Savings

The most pertinent financial reason for buying early is tax saving. Term insurance plans provide dual tax benefits. The premiums you pay are tax-free under Section 80C, and the benefits are also tax-free under Section 10 (10D). So, buying a term plan even lets you do your tax planning along with fulfilling the financial security need.

4. Flexibility to Increase Coverage

Your financial responsibilities and liabilities increase as you grow. Hence your term life insurance cover also needs enhancement. Usually, you will have to buy a new policy to enhance your term life cover. Nowadays, reputable insurance providers such as Max Life Insurance allow you to upgrade your existing term plan cover at the crucial phases of life. The benefit of such an upgrade option is that you can increase your total life cover without again going through medicals or documentation.

The best term life insurance plan will always give you peace of mind by ensuring your family’s protection. The purpose of paying for term insurance is simply protection for family and loved ones. It is crucial not to blur it with other investment options in the market and live a stress-free life.

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