10 Most Common Diseases in USA

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In today’s world medical science is growing day by day, hence providing us certain treatment for almost every possible disease. We can find a specialist for any particular disease, still there are some viruses which cause death. There are some common diseases with which USA is suffering. The human body works when various systems work in the body like respiratory system, cardiovascular system, nervous system etc. Working of all these systems affect the overall working of the body, if somewhere in the system any organ is not working properly, then there is a possibility of huge loss to whole body.

10 Most Common Diseases in USA

Here are 10 such common diseases in USA which can become even worse if not treated well.

1. Diabetes –

A diabetic is an easiest man to find on earth these days because a major population of the world is having abnormal level of blood glucose. Weight loss, extreme hunger, extreme trust , pain in legs are some of the common symptoms of Diabetes.

2. Heart Diseases –

The heart is most sensitive and crucial organ of the human body as it pumps blood and makes us live. Generally people face discomfort in the chest and sometimes they even face unbearable pain in their upper part of body as heart positioned there. In case you are facing any of these symptoms you should search Online heart medication.

3. Respiratory Diseases –

Sometimes we feel difficulty in breathing and a kind of blockage which comes out as a result of lung problems. Polluted environment gives us such problems, but smokers tend to get this even if they are living in a clean environment.

4. Abnormal Kidney –

Kidney beans shaped kidney is a part of urinary system of human body which is responsible for collecting and throwing wastes out of the body. If somehow a person is not able to excrete then it may result in serious urinary diseases. A process named Dialysis is performed if kidneys do not work properly.

5. Diarrhea –

It is a condition in which the frequency of stool passing of any person increases from normal limit which results in dehydration and eventually making a person weak and thin. It is more common in kids as they get virus infections in their intestine very easily by coming in contact of contaminated water or food.

6. Blood Pressure –

Normal blood pressure of a resting body should be 120/80 mmhg. If it crosses its limit either goes high of goes low,it is not safe and can be very dangerous.

7. Memory Loss –

Generally in old age memory loss happens. There are various diseases which are related to nervous system, short term memory loss is one of those.

8. Skin Diseases –

Skin infection is a common word these days, one or the other person is having allergy from this or that chemical. Sometimes patients get skin allergy by medicines also.

9. Flu –

Flu is a contagious disease caused by Influenza Virus. The virus enters into the human body through the air. A feeling of vomiting, nausea etc. are its symptoms.

10. Tonsillitis –

It is a disease which infects children on a large scale. Being a contagious disease, it flows from child to child. Sore throat, bad breath, pain in swallowing etc are main symptoms.

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