Significance of Learning English as a Language

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Learning a foreign language is never bad idea. It is always a wise idea to know more than one language because life is too short to not expand your horizon and wisdom. While it is true that knowing a certain language does not tell the person’s intellect, it does however, expands a person’s intellect and exposure of the world. There are lots of languages in the world such as French, Italian, Spanish, German and quite a lot of intellects of English language. English is an international language and must be known by everyone for their own ease especially if their life includes lots of travelling.

Significance of Learning English as a Language

Are you thinking of learning English language? Go for it. If you want to convince someone for it as well, following are the reasons which are quite significant for learning the language.

Spoken commonly worldwide

English is the most common language in majority of the regions in the world. Therefore, it is a benefit if you understand this language because there would be no language barriers for you to face. You can easily communicate with anyone in the country you are travelling to especially if English is a common language there. Out of every five people, one person can speak English, and if not speak, he can at least understand it easily.

Language of lots of professional fields

English is the international language of majority of the fields in the world including science, tourism information technology, UK assignment writing service, diplomacy, and aviation etc. Your fluency in English could be a major contributing factor for you to get a good job in any multinational firm of any sort and in any part of the world.

National language of a huge part of the world

English is the national language of 53 countries in the world. That means that you can easily travel to these places and explore around without any sort of language barrier. 53 different places make up o a lot of people and a lot of places to explore. Furthermore, you can get exposure to a great variety of cultures as well.

Language of media

English is the official language of media across the world. Most of the great books and movies are written in this language. If you are a media person, you would not have to rely on Google translator for being able to understand international news and your favorite movies and books. You can conveniently enjoy news, magazines, movies, books and podcasts since almost all of them is in English.

Language of the worldwide web

English is also the language of worldwide web or the internet. Majority of the websites are written in the English language. That means that a huge amount of research data is present in English language. Translators are not completely reliable and therefore, knowing English language would be excellent for you since then you can easily do your research without the fear of translators ruining the meaning of the research data. Similarly, you can also be a part of discussion forums for the sake of your knowledge.

Easy to learn

The alphabets in English language are simple and easy if we compare from other languages in the world. It makes it very easy for the people to learn the language. As compared to other languages, English is learned the most easily and smoothly.

Official language of majority of the schools

Since English language is so widely spoken and understood by people therefore, there are lots of schools which provide all the programs in English language only. Therefore, if you have strong grip on the language, you can also have a strong grip on the Ivy League Schools and even other renowned colleges across the world.

Greater and wider exposure

Like said earlier, English is a widely spoken language across the world. This means that any person who speaks and understands the language can communicate with a huge variety of people living in different parts of the world having different cultural and traditional values. It is a great exposure into the world and new cultures and traditions. Increased exposure is excellent for every human being as it directly affects the intellect and thinking.

Learning English language can never be a pointless decision as there are lot many benefits of knowing the language which is not the case with all the other foreign languages. Discussed above are some of the most significant reasons why must a person know English language apart from his mother tongue. If you are confused about learning the said language, hopefully the reasons given above would have clear out all the confusions. Similarly, these reasons are also good enough to convince anyone else for learning English language.

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