Should I Choose One Double Door or Two Single Doors For My Garage?

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Paint colors, landscaping, and architectural details all contribute to the character of a home. However, the overall curb appeal of the home highly depends on how the garage door looks. A worn, outdated, or garage door that doesn’t compliment the home’s architectural and exterior features brings inevitable suffering to the home’s general look.

Should I Choose One Double Door or Two Single Doors For My Garage

As a result, among the several decisions that a homeowner has to make is deciding on whether to go for a fitting, single, double garage door size or take on two separate garage doors. While both come with the necessary options to customize and fit any home design and architecture, there are a few factors that many homeowners have to look into while making the decision. These factors may include:


While deciding on which style to settle for, a homeowner needs to consider how they intend to use the door. A garage attached to the house mostly has its door used as the main entrance to the house. As a result, two single doors may be suitable compared to a single, double door.

Design and Taste

Using a double garage door in front of the home makes it a significant element of the home’s design. On the other hand, two doors put less emphasis on them hence creates a balance between the rest of the house and the garage doors. As a result, it narrows down to what the homeowner requires and their taste.


Practically, the cost of two separate garage doors is almost the same as a double garage door price. However, installing electric openers for both doors raises the price of installing two different doors.


If a single 16-foot double garage door size fails to open, it will deny access to all the cars inside the garage. However, it’s almost impossible for all the doors to fail in a two-separate-door setup. Although the situation may be uncommon given that garage doors can take up to eight years before they develop defects, the two separate door systems will definitely save the day in case.

Energy Consumption

For a homeowner living in a cold climate, two garage doors will limit the amount of cold air getting into the garage since they can only use one entry. This will help in reducing the heating bill. Similarly, the two-garage door can limit the amount of humidity that enters the garage, hence cutting down air conditioning costs.

After considering all the factors, any homeowner can now decide on what will serve their interests best. Although a few factors may not favor a given type of door structure, the structure may have advantages that outdo the negative aspects. Here are a few benefits of each.

Advantages of a double garage door

  • Large, hence full-size trucks and SUV vehicles can quickly drive in and out of the garage.
  • Makes it easy to park a single vehicle in the middle space, leaving a lot of room for loading or servicing on the sides of the car.
  • Makes it easy to work on the vehicle, extensive carpentry, or boat inside the garage.
  • Easily customizable to styles that resemble two separate doors.

Advantages of two separate garage doors

  • According to many users, it’s more attractive and upscale.
  • Choose how little/much air blows into the garage by opening only one door or both.
  • Easily access a vehicle through another door in case one develops malfunctions.
  • The power to choose how far apart to space vehicles and leave more space in between.

With all facts checked, advantages, and disadvantages in place, a homeowner looking to build a new garage or replace the garage doors can make an informed decision. Modern garage door manufacturers know exactly how to tune the structure to fit into any style and architectural design.

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