Best Tips for Water Softener Installation and Maintenance

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Installation of the water softener is as important as choosing the right water softener. People normally do not take this step as seriously. According to them, choosing the right water softener is the ultimate decision that they have got to make an installation and maintenance do not matter at all. But according to the experts, installation and especially maintenance are equally important. For those people who do not know what a water softener is, it is a piece of equipment which does the task of softening the hard water. Normally, hard water contains minerals like calcium and magnesium, which can be dangerous for your health. Water softener machine simply replaces calcium and magnesium with the sodium ions.

Best Tips for Water Softener Installation and Maintenance


Now, let’s have a detailed look on water softener installation and maintenance.


1. Location

The first and most important step for water softener installation is choosing the right location. The location must be near to the plumbing area. It is recommended to choose the places, which are not in everyday use, so it does not seem like a mess like a garage, basement area, utility rooms. Also, the temperature of the location also matters a lot, it should be moderate. The extreme weather conditions, both hot and cold, can affect its productivity. For detailed information, you have to checkout this company.


2. Equipment

Make sure that you have got all the right equipment before you start installing it. It is an obvious fact that you can only make the best fitting if you have got the right tool with you. Normally, you are going to require some basic tools like drill, glue, and clamps.


3. Read the manual

The best way to do anything right on point is by reading all the instructions they have given on the manual. In the manual, they must have given step by step instruction for installing the water softener. Follow them. The instructions manual may also have support services that you may use in order to contact the manufacturer in case any complication comes up during your installation process. It is recommended to contact a professional for perfect installation. No matter how hard you try, you cannot reach the level of a perfectionist. You must be doing this job for one time, they are doing it on daily basis, so you cannot reach their level of expertise.


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1. Selecting the right type of salt

The performance of water softener highly depends on the type of salt that you have selected. Normally, people tend to use rock salt as it is the least expensive one. But using this salt every time can cause inches of deposit which builds up in the brine tank. This can cause severe clogging in the injector and the softener control valve, this can affect the productivity of water softener and you might need to replace this one. For better results, it is recommended to use pure salt, which is an iron removing agent. It will definitely help in running things smoothly, for a longer period of time.


2. Using the right amount of salt

Just throwing in all the salt that you have inside the tank is not “maintenance”. Extra usage of salt can be dangerous, and it can cause damage. You need to use just the right amount of salt. If you check the tank and there is still some amount of salt left, do not refill it. Leave it until all the salt is consumed, fill it then. Even when the tank is completely empty, it is better to fill it up to two third.


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