SEO Tips to Get More Subscribers for Your Podcast

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The success of a podcast is determined by the number of people subscribing to the podcast. Unlike conventional blogging, a podcast has to be streamed on a third-party platform such as a podcast directory or streaming service.

SEO Tips to Get More Subscribers for Your Podcast

As these platforms already have thousands of other podcasts, it becomes challenging to be discovered by the right leads. One easy way to deal with this challenge is SEO. Leveraging some effective off-page SEO practices can help you reach more subscribers and drive results. Hence here are some expert research tips given out by professionals of SEO Adelaide, to help you get more podcast subscribers using.

Choosing The Right Platform

Just as loading speed and uptime can influence the technical SEO performance of your website. Similarly, the loading speed of the platform can influence the rankings of your podcasts. If your platform fails to perform optimally, the chances are high that people will be discouraged from subscribing to the podcast.

Therefore, it is highly recommended to carry out thorough research on all the alternatives before finalizing any particular platform for your podcast. While this might be challenging, for the time being, considering that most platforms are not very well optimized at the moment. But things will certainly change for good as the industry continues to grow further.


Most people do not have enough time to listen to an entire podcast episode to determine what it has to offer. Therefore, many experts specializing in SEO Adelaide recommend repurposing different episodes and transforming them into smaller containers.

This will allow you to share the snippets of the podcast on other platforms and gain more recognition for the same. For instance, one can choose a segment that acts like the conclusion where you discuss the key takeaways from any specific story.

Clearly Defined Persona

Numbers suggest that over 68 million people from all around the world now listen to weekly podcasts. This growing number of podcast listeners also indicates the rise in the number of podcasts available on many different types of platforms.

This makes it important for you to make the necessary efforts to ensure that your podcast stands out in the crowd. This is where the audience persona will come in handy as it will tell people the types of content they can expect from the podcast. Having a clearly defined persona will also depict your beliefs, lifestyle and purpose.

Interviewing Industry Experts

This is one of the most effective ways to increase the number of subscribers of a podcast. Inviting any well-known personality who is an expert in your industry or niche can be very helpful in increasing the number of subscribers.

This will also enhance the website’s discoverability, further encouraging listeners to subscribe to the podcast for more relevant content. Additionally, this is an excellent way to depict the interviewing skills you have, which will help you build great credibility among the audience.

Final Thoughts

Podcasts are becoming very popular among people from different demographics, so one must leverage such opportunities for good. Therefore, leverage these practices and combine them with the expertise of Marketing Sweet to build a huge base of subscribers for your podcast.

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