Selecting Perfect Eleven for your Fantasy Cricket Team

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Fantasy cricket league has taken India a long way in the past few years. With its fan base and the number of subscribers, one can imagine the kind of impact which it has created among the people of India. Creating a team for playing fantasy cricket is not a simple task as it looks like and requires a sound knowledge to get most out of the team you build. The players you select in fantasy cricket are directly linked to the player’s performance who are playing real matches and helps you score the points accordingly.

Selecting Perfect Eleven for your Fantasy Cricket Team

Making a perfect fantasy cricket team

There are numerous ways by which you can form a fantasy cricket team but the crux is that you need to work with eleven players. And these eleven should be a combination of a minimum 3 batsmen and bowlers respectively, and one all-rounder and wicketkeeper each. Rest you can apply your permutation and combination of bowlers and batsmen to complete the gap and start the play. It is very important to understand the tricks in picking your perfect team as this will be the one factor that will help you win money in the game.

Understanding the role of each player in your fantasy league

The ideal scenario is that each player whom you have selected should contribute ample to support the setup of your team and help attain maximum points in the play. You should always keep in mind that the batsmen whom you select should be a top-order one as they will get a chance to showcase their skills early in the game and the middle order ones are rarely exposed.

The other important thing is to keep an eye on the last few performances of the player who is going to be there in your list. You can assess their records by visiting some genuine sports websites or reading-related journals.

Focus on bowling unit

When it comes to bowlers, always pick those who have a very good record of wicket-taking and have achieved 3 or 5 wickets haul per match in their career. Taking wickets in the game gives you more score hence go for the bowler even if he gets hit for sixes but has the capability of taking a couple of wickets in a match.

Wisely pick the all-rounders

Picking all-rounders are a bit tricky as they quite often not play in the middle batting order. Hence, make sure that the all-rounder who you pick can do some wonders with the bowling as it can help you score more points. For instance, a player like Andre Russel can hit a long boundary and at the same time, he can take few wickets too.

Key role of wicket keepers

Wicket keepers can score points for stumping, catches and even through the batting. It is always good to go with the wicket-keeper who is capable of batting up the order such as K L Rahul in the Indian Team.

Use you love for cricket and follow these top fantasy cricket tips to build you dream fantasy team in a more informed way. These were a few tips which can help you to make the best dream team and win every fantasy matches easily.

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