Reasons Why Every Parent Should Install a Dashcam

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As soon as the teens start to drive, parents face different level of challenges. While it is in fine for parents to allow them to enjoy their drive but safety of teens shall be the first priority. In such a case, dash cam with a GPS tracker can be of great help.

Reasons Why Every Parent Should Install a Dashcam
Let us discuss the benefits of installing a dash cam in the teen’s car:

• Keeps An Eye On Teens:

Once a teen starts driving, parents surely get worried over their safety and well-being. It is only continuous practice that can help the teens to master the skill of driving. So how can parents confirm that their teens are fully prepared for any emergency?

That is when an extra pair of eye in form of dash cam comes to play. A dash cam with dual camera helps parent to keep a watch on their teens while they are on drive with their friends.

• Ensures Safe Driving:

When teen know they’ve been monitored, they tend to drive safe without breaking the rules and over speeding. When teenage driving all by themselves, they are often seen driving in a rash manner.

As per a research, nearly 70 percent of teens drive in such a manner where risk of crashes is comparatively high. The installation of a dash cam protects your child from bad driving habits and deters accidents. Even if your teen rides a bicycle rather than drives a car, this can be a great way to ensure that they stay safe while on the roads. In a worst-case scenario where they are involved in an accident, whether on their bike or in the car, the dash cam should have captured everything that happened too. When this happens, make sure to take the footage if it shows that your teen did no wrong to an expert who can help you. Check out this URL here to see what can be done when your teen is in a bike accident and the other cases that can be taken on, such as car accidents.

• Prevents Unfair Practices:

If your teen drives met with an accident where he is not at fault and then getting a dash cam around at that time will help him show the unbiased, unedited recording to mutually resolve the conflict.

It is often seen that the local police put the blame on a teen in an attempt to rapidly curb the situation without offering any claim at all. If such a situation rises then getting a trustworthy dash cam in your corner will enable your daughter or son not to be held responsible for the error of any motorist.

Install KENT CamEye, a next-gen car camera that helps in recording video of such incidences. You can record time-lapse video on the cloud or 5 minutes long video on SD card. The camera comes with Single and Double mode recording.

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