Monitor Teenager’s Obesity With Android Spy Software

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There is an old saying “health is wealth” when you lose health you lose everything in your life. Why should parents so much concerned about the teenager’s health? The answer is parents don’t have so much time to cook their own meal for their young teenage children and they prefer food which takes less time like baked food or fast food from fast food franchises. The uneducated parents don’t realise they are making their children obese. The ratio of obesity is rising in teenagers rising day by day.

Monitor teenagers obesity with android spy software

Teenagers have become heavier, since last 30 years, obesity in young teenagers has prevailed doubled among ages 12 up to 19. Therefore, the rate of obesity among youngsters is at their alarming position.


Obesity leads teenagers to health problems:

High level of fats among youngsters may create serious health issues like increase of heart diseases, diabetes, high blood pressure, the certain form of cancer and many other chronic diseases and joint problems. Young youth is more obese than adults. High weight may cause a problem of heart strokes, the adolescent’s ages 12 to 19 years has increasingly type 2 of diabetes.

Living environment of teenagers meters a lot:

Gaining weight is based on many circumstances like what sort of choices you have made, your living environment and how your body digest food and convert it into energy. If you are living environment is against the health basics, for example, we have the habit of setting behind the wheels of a car and don’t have the habit of physical exercise then your health is not friendly with you. You have to make some roles to change your bad habits. The junk food is everywhere and the advertisement always attract youth to buy this and that cold drink is free, therefore teenagers tend towards these cheap junk food which is full of calories and ultimately they compromise their health and become obese.  Food is the biggest factor in teenagers to become obese. Obesity doesn’t hunt our young children overnight, it happens only when we take energy through junk food (fast food) but we don’t burn the same amount of energy which we have got through bad eating habits.


What should parents do?

It is the parents who can manage do mold their teenagers into good environment, change their children’s eating habits and can make some roles for their children in order to protect them from dangerous disease like obesity.

Guide your children to eat right:

Parents can guide their young teenagers to eat healthy diet having low calories, avoid fast junk food and ill eating patterns.  Parents should make strict roles in their houses to provide good food to their young ones.

Parents can make their teenagers active:

Parents should guide their children to some physical exercise at least once in a day, encourage them towards supports like soccer and basketball etc. physical exercise in day make them stronger and enable kids to maintain their weight.

Parents can try to reduce their children screen time:

Technology is also a big factor which leads youth to gain weight and become obese. Parents can realise their kids don’t always stick with the technological devices like playing video games, use of social media on their smartphones and television. In short reduce their screen time and encourage them for real life friendship instead of online world.

Parents can try to reduce their children screen time


Let’s suppose that your young teenage children don’t cooperate with you and they are still keeping their bad habits in your absence like they eat food from outside, keep visiting fast junk food franchises, don’t take interest in real world and keep visiting digital world through their smartphones and having bad habits in their friend circle.


Monitor your teenagers through Android spy software:

There is a number of spy software available in the market but am going to suggest you the power full spy software. Being parents if you are worried about your teenagers just get TheOneSpy Android spy software, you will easily monitor your kids every activity 24/7.


  • If you think that your kids keep visiting the fast food shops which you have made prohibited for them in order to protect them a disease like obesity. Then TheOneSpy will help you to monitor their activities through its GPS Tracking system, you can easily get access to their smartphone, TOS will tell you their location with exact time schedule.
  • If they don’t follow your guidance and keep on doing things on their smartphones, don’t follow your instructions of visiting the real world. As we know that access to everything is bad, consuming more time on a mobile phone screen and having unhealthy food may cause them a disease like obesity.
  • So, TheOneSpy android spy app will tell you every single activity your children have done on their Android device. You can check their recorded calls what sort of company they have and what sort of food they ordered in your absence. You can check their logs, text, social media activities, voice chat, browsing history and their whereabouts.
  • TheOneSpy android spy app has a feature of recording surrounding sounds and you can make short videos of your kid’s surroundings with the help of back and front camera. You will come to know at what place they are sitting and what sort of meal they are taking. Short videos are the strongest prove if your kids don’t admit they have eaten things from which you have prohibited for them.

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