Payback Ltd Review – Money Recovery Service That Works

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Crypto scams are rampant on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and many other places where people can freely send private messages. With over 300 thousand cases reported annually in the US alone, it is incredible that many still fall victim to crypto scams. In this Payback Ltd review, we will tell you about Payback Ltd, a company that can help you get back some of the money lost due to such scams. In some cases, you can get back every single cent.

How does Payback Ltd conduct investigations?

This is a private bureau that employs skilled professionals who have backgrounds in cyber security, online research, coding, blockchain networks, and more. With rich experience in this field, Payback Ltd managed to create a system that works more often than not. While many think that it is impossible to track down a scammer to try to stay anonymous, there are many ways professionals can approach this issue.

Everything starts when a client comes to Payback Ltd and asks for a consultation. The initial interview is used only to assess a case and estimate a preliminary quote. If a client is satisfied and wants to proceed further, they will have to go through a standardized process:

  • A personal manager will record your recollection of the incident and gather valuable information to build an evidence base.
  • The evidence is used to start the investigation process and pressure scammers to pay by threatening lawsuits.
  • Payback Ltd uses a plethora of different conventional and unconventional methods to conduct an investigation as quickly as possible.
  • When a scammer is found and identified, they are approached by the company and threatened with legal recourse.

In many cases, a scammer will try to avoid any potential problems and will try to pay back. Often, they don’t have the money and will be paying back only a portion of what they stole. It is still a much better choice than pressuring them further (they may flee or refuse) or trying to get officials involved. A lawsuit can be a very expensive ordeal.

Is it possible to hunt down a scammer?

The company has a long track record with many successful cases. They managed to track down hundreds of scammers and helped thousands of clients to recover their money. With over $15 million returned in just two years, it seems that the company is doing quite well.

Many people think that blockchain and social media platforms provide anonymity that cannot be dispelled by any means. However, scammers are often far from experts in cyber security and data handling. They leave notable digital footprints that can be read by professionals who know where to look.

For example, any blockchain network is an open ledger that anyone can read which means that some wallet addresses can be tracked to a natural person with enough dedication and deductive work. Social media platforms also have vulnerabilities and exploits that can be used by seasoned professionals.

A team of trained experts can use the abundance of information and tools available to internet researchers and track down anyone regardless of how well they think they are hiding their digital footprint. It is not a 100% reliable method since some scammers are quite smart and can avoid any pursuit, but many scammers can be caught using unconventional investigation techniques.

Payback Ltd has good reviews

The company enjoys the goodwill of its clients and has a massive portfolio of successfully concluded cases. The number of people who left good reviews on various platforms is quite high. Payback Ltd is certainly a trustworthy service that has an excellent track record.


Payback Ltd should be a service that you must simply remember even if you have not been scammed out of your money yet. The crypto industry is still growing and you may fall victim to a crafty fraudster at any moment. If you have already lost some money to crypto scammers, contact this company immediately and start working on recovering your funds!

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