is Shutting Down. Here are a few Desk Alternatives

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Customer service and support forms the basis of all businesses. Customer support is one of the fundamental and predominant tasks in any and every company and a lot would depend on that. Hence, it is of utmost essence for any and every business to be using an efficient help desk software for providing round the clock & reliable customer support. This so often is what separates a top organization from an ordinary one. is shutting down. Here are a few Desk alternatives is without a doubt a popular product in this connection but there are alternatives of it out there as well. This article introspects closely at five competitors that offer improved & enhanced features together with much more comprehensive benefits. Read on in order to have a comprehensive overview of the help desk software options so that you can easily figure out which one will meet the customer support requirements of your organization to perfection and thereby implant the same for your company or organization. Here are some of the most popular help desk alternatives on the market are jotted down below which would provide you with a clear and comprehensive picture:

1. Freshdesk


One of the chief competitors of is undoubtedly Freshdesk. After a detailed and comprehensive analysis of all major help desk solutions available, B2B experts are of the opinion found that Freshdesk offers the best service possible in this niche industry. It has got solid and easy to use features such as dependable customer support, robust capabilities and a whole lot of other benefits as well. Freshdesk also offers a fantastic free trial plan that enable you check & verify the benefits & features of their tool prior to its eventual buying. There are plenty of reasons for rating Freshdesk this high. Its top features include multi-brand/multi-product support, community portal, email to ticket conversion, etc. Freshdesk is aptly ideal for medium and small businesses, freelancers and of course large organizations as well. Its extensive integrations are surely the highpoint of this app. Freshdesk has got phone support, integrated live chat and game mechanics. Moreover, Freshdesk works perfectly with popular help desk and multimedia applications like Google Apps, YouTube, Slideshare and other widgets. Freshdesk can be accessed on the go for it supports iOS, Android, Windows Phone, and Blackberry mobile platforms. The price of the product is also competitive and feasible when compared to its peers.


2. Salesforce Sales Cloud

Salesforce Sales Cloud

Salesforce Sales Cloud offers a plethora of benefits encompassing the ability to generate and close more leads, get in-depth insights and accelerate productivity. The app is easily compatible with mobile devices like Android, Blackberry, iPhone/iPad, etc. The company also offers support through both email and via phone. Furthermore, fundamental (basic) training is also provided in order to acquaint customers with the product. Salesforce Sales Cloud is priced reasonably too. The top features of the app include forecasting, email integration, real-time visibility, approvals and workflow, and of course dashboards.

Some of the other notable features include:

  • Communities for sales
  • Sales & Marketing leads
  • Quotes & Opportunities
  • Building and running innovative apps
  • Engaging customers everywhere
  • Social accounts and contacts
  • Mobile for staying connected
  • Contact Manager


3. TeamSupport


TeamSupport’s primary features cover collaboration, agent tools, multi-channel support, customer self-service, and management tools. Here are its features in a nutshell- Customizable dashboard, Powerful search, online help desk interface, Internal chat, Group, Advanced portal tools, Ticket deflection Wiki, Email integration Knowledge base, Email integration, integrated live chat, Facebook integration, Rights management, Reporting and metrics, etc.


4. Samanage Service Desk

Samanage Service Desk

Another big competitor of is definitely Samanage Service Desk. This app’s best features include knowledge base IT service desk, risk detection, IT asset management, SLA management and IT service catalogue. Samanage Service Desk also provides a range of other features such as fulfilment processes, streamlining tickets, monitoring and controlling assets, etc. The app can be integrated with popular products such as Google Apps, Zendesk, and many more. Its mobile version is also available. The company offers customer support through tickets, email and phone.


5. HappyFox


This is another significant competitor of surely. Prominent features of HappyFox include canned actions advanced search, merge and escalate tickets community forum, support over more than 35 languages and live chat integration. HappyFox offers a wide range of benefits including a robust automation, intuitive interface, customizability, in-depth analysis & reporting, multi-channel ticketing system. This app too can be integrated easily with popular systems & apps such as Twitter, Facebook, Google Apps and more. The company provides live support through email, phone, and tickets.

Thus, there is no doubt or denying in stating that as customer support forms such an important part of the business it is highly significant that a company gets a good helpdesk support to go on and facilitate it so that customer service gets a good priority and can be handled well. Barring the aforementioned helpdesk platforms which are an alternative for, there are some other very good alternatives also available in the market which can cater to the requirement of facilitating customer service and satisfaction such as Kayako, Front, ConnectWise Manage, Freshservice, HESK, Help Scout, Helprace, Disqus, Zendesk, Uservoice, PHPBack, Get Satisfaction, etc. These can not only fill in the shoes of but are more than prudent and capable enough of providing and delivering good customer support right through.

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