How to Choose the Best Printer for your Daily Needs

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A printer is a peripheral device which is used to make a persistent human-readable representation of text or graphics on paper.

How to choose the best printer for your daily needs

How to choose a printer? The printer requirement of every user varies according to the need. Many users are comfortable with laser printer, some recommends Inkjet. Nowadays, people are using multifunction printers also. So here are some steps by which you can easily select the suitable printer for your work:

1. OS Requirement:

Check your operating system and find what printer manufacturers support your OS. Some printers do not support Linux.

2. Required Features:

List all the feature you are expecting from the printer. For example you need a printer for simple black and white print or colored one for presentation.

3. The budget of your printer:

You must not go over the budget. Pay the amount only for what you need.

4. What do you expect from the printer ? :

This is the most important question. If you only need to print documents such as letters and copies of web pages from the internet or simple spreadsheets then a low-end inkjet or laser is fine. But if you want high-quality photographs then you need a photo printer. And for heavy cardstock printing you will need a printer which could deal with heavyweight paper efficiently unlike normal A4 papers. If you print about 100 pages daily and don’t need color, go for a faster laser printer.

5. Check online:

You can also check online for a cheaper printer. Remember to choose a good brand. Canon has a good name in the market; it provides you with a wide range of functionality. Contact Canon team for more details.

6. Consider the following factors:

Here are some factors you need to consider before buying a printer:

  • Resolution: The dpi of a printer. If you want to print a high-quality text, graphics, and photos then go for higher resolution printer.
  • Speed: The volume of printouts is necessary if you are printing a large number of documents.
  • Operating cost: Calculate the cost of ink cartridges and paper, because you have to purchase ink cartridges and tone often.
  • Photo quality: Special color printers that have photo lab quality are essential if you are looking for a printer that can print high-resolution images.
  • Printout Size: You should choose a printer whose paper path is no sharper than 90 degrees to allow printing on various types of media without jamming.
  • External hard drives support: There are many prints which support external hard drives.
  • Image processing: processing image takes a lot of power so the printers should have much computing horsepower and memory as a PC.

7. Final Thought:

Once you finalized the requirements then check out some large comparison sited such as PC Magazine, CNET etc to get an idea of what printers are out there in your budget.

8. Online Support

Do not forget to check the printer online support services. Always go for the printer which provides good technical service for your printer. If the printer in error state, you can easily communicate with the technical team and get better help.

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I hope these steps mentioned above will help you to find the best printer for your daily job. Personally, I recommend Canon printers for daily works. If you have any suggestions regarding printers then please comment down below.

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