Motorcycle Guides 101: What type of Motorcycles are Automatic (USA)

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Almost 97 percent of the cars in the United States have automatic transmissions. Yet in the arena of motorcycles, only a few manufacturer’s, notably Honda, make an automatic motorcycle available as a purchasing option. The vast majority of so-called “twist and go” motorbikes are in the moped category, although these lightweight cruisers, particularly in the 150 cc and up the range, can get up and go.

Motorcycle Guides 101- What type of Motorcycles are Automatic

But the fact remains, your choice of superbikes for sale with an automatic transmission are truly limited in both the U.S. and Canada.

Top Automatic Bikes

Honda offers several large, cruiser type motorcycles with dual shift transmissions, meaning that you can turn off the onboard computer and elect to shift manually. These high-end cruisers, ranging from as high as 1200 cc to the upper 700 cc range, provide everything in a cruising motorcycle you could want, without the necessity of thinking about shifting.

CycleWorld, provides a well-written summary of most of these models available for purchase, including a few electric models.

The Price is the Problem

The problem with these cruisers, electric bikes, and even the Honda Cub, which is mentioned by CycleWorld, is the price. With Honda Goldwings approaching $25,000 and less glamorous models running anywhere from $9 grand or more, finding a truly automatic bike that is really a motorcycle, and not a tricked out moped is tricky.

Venom Motorsports Superbikes for Sale

One solution is to consider a Venom Motorsports, Street Legal Motorcycle for sale, available in both powerful 150 ccc and super fast 250cc Models.

What’s So Special About Venom Motorsports?

Venom Motorsports sells all variety of Street Legal Motorcycle for Sale, in all 50 States, (including Hawaii and Alaska) and all provinces in Canada. Unlike Honda, Yamaha and other motorcycle manufacturers, the company has no official dealerships. Instead, they offer all their motorcycles and ATVs via free shipping to the nearest port to the customer, or for &100 more, will ship the motorcycle direct to your door.

Venom Motorsports assembles 85 percent of your purchased motorcycle direct to your door, leaving the other 15 percent of the assembly for you to finish after unpacking.

The company offers many, detailed instructions on final assembly and most of their customers complete the assembly and are ready to test-drive their motorcycle within 2 hours.

By bypassing a network of dealers and selling directly to their customers, Venom Motorsports is able to sell quality motorcycles, including those with an automatic transmission, at a substantial discount.

Popular Venom Motorsports Automatic Models

Venom Motorsports has two very popular, and well reviewed automatic models, the Venom 150cc X18RS which will approach speeds of 65 miles per hour, and costs $1900, and the Venom 250cc X22-GT which has a top speed of 90 miles per hour and runs around $2400.

When you consider that a comparable “twist and go” Honda Cub runs around $3600, you can see the real advantage of the Venom Motorsports business approach. U.S. customers pay no tax on the shipment and all documents for necessary registration are included.

Other Key Details

Customer reviews indicate Venom Motorsports provides superior sales and technical support, and no matter what time of day, nearly 1,000 people are browsing their website.

Most purchases come with a limited 6-month warranty against defects, and the company offers a financing option, which you can easily check for online to see if you qualify.

The company can be reached toll-free at 888-984-1612, or on the web at

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