Marketing Ideas And Tips For Your Business During Coronavirus

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Unfortunately, 2020 has given us a hard time since COVID-19 has turned our lives upside down. From practicing social distancing and wearing masks to locking ourselves inside homes, it is making everyone crazy. Similarly, it continues to affect everything, especially businesses, as the entire economy has taken a hit. Don’t worry; there is always hope on the horizon.

Marketing Ideas And Tips For Your Business During Coronavirus

Every business owner is hunting ways to survive since the financial burden on companies does not allow them to cough up a lot of money on marketing. Surprisingly, digital technology can come to your rescue with incredible marketing ideas. With more people spending time online than before, it helps you reach your customers digitally without spending a dime.

You might continue with your prominent digital marketing strategies – email marketing, social media, Google ads, etc. but you have to ensure effective utilization of these strategies. After all, this is how you gain an edge over competitors. So, if you are looking forward to marketing tips, here we are unpacking five marketing ideas for your business during Covid-19.

1. Connect With Customers Through Social Media

Social media is the best way to build relationships with customers. Likewise, social media benefits are no surprise to anyone, which means you will find all your competitors on Facebook and Instagram. Therefore, your presence on social media is of no use until you cook up competent strategies to draw customer’s attention. You have to think of something that drags potential buyers towards your business. If you are clueless about it, here are some examples of strategies you can utilize for your social forums to gain an edge over competitors.

A. Hop On Facebook Live

Facebook is one of the most versatile marketing forums since it keeps evolving with trends. The feature of live chat is helping businesses provide a virtual shopping experience to customers. You have to click the option of ‘go live’ on your page, it will automatically notify all your followers that you are live on Facebook. People can join your live session, ask questions, and receive answers on the spot.

These sessions are super interactive and allow customers to learn more about your brand. The best part about these live sessions is that it doesn’t cost a penny yet generates sufficient leads. If we bring up the stats, Facebook live viewership has increased by 50% in the past three months. Hence, this is the perfect time to run live sessions on your evergreen topics with all-time high viewership.

B. Conduct Giveaways

Who does not like free goodies? The trend of giveaways is overgrowing. It is a two-way marketing strategy, making it a win-win situation for customers and the brand. You will enjoy increasing brand awareness, while customers will get a chance to win free products. Alongside this, it helps you identify your target audience since only those people participate in giveaways who have an interest in your offerings. It keeps your audience hooked to your social media and boosts lead generation.

2. Build Email List With Lead Magnets

With the rising trend of social media, many marketers are pushing email marketing away. Email marketing is still going robust in 2020, doing wonders for businesses. It provides you direct access to your potential customers because sending newsletters and consistent updates of the latest blog posts are only possible through emails. Thus, instead of chasing after sophisticated strategies during the pandemic, focus on building an email list.

Are you wondering how? In 2020, creating lead magnets is the simplest way of building an email list. You have to offer something valuable to customers in return for their email addresses. Hence, you can reach out to your potential customers, generating higher leads for your business. Refrain from annoying customers with endless promotions and focus on sharing something valuable – handwashing tips or the correct way to wear a mask.

3. Introduce Special Offers

Unique circumstances provide an ideal opportunity for special offers. These unpredictable times are giving you a chance to show support to your customers by offering discounts. Many people are browsing online, hunting for discounts to save money in this time of unrest. Begin by identifying your market, see how price sensitive your customers are, and then create a discount offer.

It is an incredible way to engage with your audience, resulting in higher leads for your business. Customers are likely to develop a sense of belonging and trust with your brand since these discounts reflect your care for them. Besides, don’t mind pushing out special offers through pay-per-click (PPC) or social media forums to reach the maximum number of audiences.

4. Switch To Local SEO

Amidst the pandemic, everyone is staying home, eliminating short and long-distance travel. People are looking for services and suppliers near their homes to escape any safety concerns. Therefore, you have to stick to local SEO to ensure maximum lead generation for your business. Local SEO strategies are equally valid, allowing you to optimize your website for ‘near me’ searches. As a result, customers in your geographical region can find you in minutes.

Similarly, use positive customer reviews to further your SEO since, during coronavirus, online reputation holds a lot of importance. After all, glowing and satisfying reviews speak for the brand itself. Moreover, spend time on your Google business profile to enjoy the free listing that makes your brand appear on Google maps and searches. It notifies customers about your working hours, delivery, and payment options.

5. Invest In Pay-per-click (PPC) Advertising

The majority of people spend time at home in front of the screens, giving an excellent opportunity to do business. You can use PPC to connect with customers, generate leads while gaining an edge over competitors. If you notice, the cost per click has decreased by 6% and will continue to reduce more, which means the advertiser has to chalk away less cash for every click. It could be your perfect chance to roll back some money within your digital marketing budget. It will allow your business to scoop up the lost market share and win its position back in the industry.

6. Take help from Digital Marketing Experts

Most businesses do not have the time, energy or expertise to profit from digital in a massive way. Even if they do try to set up internal teams, the results can be far more satisfactory. A good approach can be to engage with the services of experts, right from the start. For example, you can reach out to a great social media company dubai for professional expertise.

Working with experts not only helps in optimising digital performance, but also saves time, money, energy and resources. Businesses can then use the saved assets and concentrate on other important aspects of their business. From the point of view or a business owner, taking help from an expert will give you complete peace of mind.

Final Thoughts

Digital marketing is opening countless doors for businesses to catch up with the audience in these crucial times. Even though you have to continue with standard marketing campaigns but by bringing the element of empathy to connect with customers, it not only exposes you to your potential customers but helps in highlighting a positive brand image. You get to display yourself as a company that cares for people instead of using social media as a sales pitch. If you are short of ideas, have a look above!

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