Logo Design? Simple Is The Best!

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Want a logo? Not a designer? Just know a few design principles? No worry, we’ve sorted out the design rule and found an easier solution – DesignEvo. Keep reading.

Logo Design Simple Is The Best


In logo design world, just one rule won’t change and always works: SIMPLISM. Once you’ve made a logo that is simple enough and meaningful, it’s a successful logo. Logo acts as a symbol of a brand, it’s essential to keep it simple and catchy. There is no way to let a customer remember a complex logo when he is on the go. And people have short-term attention when glancing a logo, so complex logo designs with much information are a big “NO”. For logo design, simple is the best.

Find it not convincing? Take a look at the famous logos around you: Apple, Nike, Apple, Amazon, Netflix and many more, what common features have you found? Simple enough! There is no way for you find a way to simplify these logos once more. A logo shape and a memorable word as the logo text. Their logo texts are all rhymed, which stands for their pursuits and spirits. They can’t be more concise. Even a teenager can easily get its point at first sight of a logo. A simple logo can speak for its product and company. Convinced!



How to Design A Simple Logo?

Without much experience in designing fields, it’s never an easy task to work it out. But with the help of a proper application, it’s possible. Surfing the Internet and giving a try of multiple logo creators, we find DesignEvo logo maker worthy of a recommendation. It has a vast logo template library, which supports directly applying to your logo design. Logo templates are searchable and can be retrieved within seconds.

Step 1: Find Your Template

Click [Make a Free Logo], the template interface will show immediately. Use “Search Templates” input box to narrow down your selections. Hit a template that wins your hearts.

Find Your Template

Step 2: Customize Your Logo

Type your Company and Slogan, and it will automatically generate the logo for you on the canvas.Then you can select a logo element and change its settings to your style. Most customization choices can be found in the functional bar on the top.

Customize Your Logo


Step 3: Preview Your Logo And Download

After finishing your logo design, you can go for [Preview]. DesignEvo will display how the logo looks on different occasions. It is a very practical feature for a logo designer. Without preview support, you may go back and forth to finalize your logo ideas.

Preview Your Logo And Download


Bottom Line

Per a request for a simple logo with a limited budget, DesignEvo can be an ideal choice. It offers a FREE download of logo images under 500 px. If spending enough time in DesignEvo, you can still get an excellent result. But keep in mind that a quality logo requires AB tests

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