Is SCIgen A Blessing Or A Curse For Academic Industry?

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“Deconstruction Of Reinforcement Learning By Using Coving”

The title above seems to be stylish. Yet, what it means is challenging to understand. Researchers and academicians cannot understand its hidden meaning. Such sorts of titles are the outcome of a non-human author, since authors cannot present meaningless titles. This non-human author is SCIgen. SCIgen is an automatic paper generator tool. It completes the paper without human intervention. But the question here is,Is SCIgen a blessing or a curse for academic industry? Let’s explore the answer to this question. This article will present light on whether “SClgen” is a blessing or a curse for the academic industry.

Is SCIgen A Blessing Or A Curse For Academic Industry

1. What is an Academic industry?

The academic industry refers to a field of research and discovery. It explores new areas of domains. Moreover, it fills gaps in prior research fields. The aim of doing research in an academic-industry is as follows;

  • To seek the truth.
  • To gather evidences for the validity of theories.
  • To generate new knowledge in the field of study.
  • To enhance social development among people.

2. What are the benefits of an Academic-Industry?

The academic industry is of considerable importance. The widespread benefits of the academic-industry are as follows as shared by writers of assignment writing services;

  • This field builds new knowledge.
  • It facilitates learning.
  • It is a great way to understand issues.
  • It increases public awareness by exploring the issues. It presents ways of eradicating the issue.
  • It assists businesses to get success from research findings.
  • It provides room to gather evidences.
  • It provides an exercise for the nourishment of the mind, besides enhances intellectual capital.
  • It increases teamwork and collaboration.
  • It is a great way to explore and seize opportunities.
  • It provides an opportunity to explore the truth and rejects that is not true.
  • It offers a wide range of flexibility.

3. Understanding SCIgen in an Academic Industry

SCIgen is an automatic computer science paper generator tool, which is available over the internet and is accessible worldwide. They generate papers with random names, texts, and tables. It provides context-free grammar in the papers they generate. It uses all the constructs of hand-written papers. It intends to increase amusement by creating meaningless papers and is less concerned about the coherence of the papers. The underlying aim behind it is to auto-generate papers for conferences and journals. They get publicised in conferences and journals that have low submission standards. These papers are free to use as well as can be download.

4. History of SCIgen

SCIgen came into being in 2005. The three PhD students at MIT have built it. The names of SCIgen founders are Max Krohn, Jeremy Stribling, and Dan Aguayo. They develop it to generate illogical computer science research papers. It intends to highlight the lack of quality inspection in conference submissions. It later uses to bring unreal computer science research papers. Until now, it has produced 122 unreal computer science research papers. Institute of Electrical and Electronic(IEE) is also involved in publishing these papers.

5. What are some uses of SCIgen?

Some dishonest people are using SCIgen for wrong doings. They are bringing fake computer papers in the academic industry. Credible journals are publishing these papers irrespective of their worthiness. Academic conferences are accepting these papers as well. It is, in fact, bringing bogus research papers for the academic industry. The common use of SCIgen is as follows;

• Use of SCIgen as CV padding

Almost 64% of Chinese and 22% of Indian researchers have cited most of the papers by SCIgen. Some researchers are using this software to fulfil the need of publishing papers. They are doing to pad their CVs. With a high number of papers, they can get a promotion. Hence, dishonest researchers are using it to pad their Cvs.

• Maximum Amusement

The aim of SCIgen papers is to bring amusement. It outlines the lack of quality measures of the conferences. They publish without studying and understanding papers. The IEER conference is its most apparent example.

• Manuscript Publication

The SCIgen papers can use any of the researcher’s names. They do so with and without their consent or knowledge. They randomly use any of the authors and publish them with their names.

6. What are the drawbacks of SCIgen papers for the Academic industry?

Papers of SClgen software’s entails the following drawbacks for the academic-industry;

  • The paper it generates is non-sense in reality.
  • It is meaningless and useless as well.
  • It generates fake abstract and hypotheses.
  • It presents a fictional analysis of the imaginary data collection.
  • These test results are unreal and deceptive.
  • These unreal test results entail charts and tables.
  • The presentation of academic references in the paper is unreal as well.
  • At first, the output seems to be impressive. But it is illegible to understand and comprehend.

7. What is a SCIgen source code?

General Purpose License (GPL) releases SCIgen source code. The SCIgen source code is as follows;

8. Is SCIgen a Blessing or a Curse for Academic Industry?

The academic industry needs papers that solve issues. They need them in order to bring new knowledge to the existing domain. However, the papers drawn out from SCIgen are neither contributing nor exploring the issues. Yet, they are bringing maximum amusement. Moreover, they are revealing inefficiencies of the conferences and journals that publish them. The inefficiency is the lack of quality checks on the papers. The papers by SCIgen lack teamwork and collaboration. They do not enhance intellectual capital. They do not involve in any way of exploring the opportunity. Involving in Sclgen is also considered to be an immoral activity. It is immoral in a way that the information it is carrying is unreal. It involves unreal test results and data collection. This misleading information affects the validity of the findings. These studies cannot be generalisable. Hence, SClgen is a curse for the academic industry.

Final thoughts

Meaningless research papers are still popping up in the scientific literature. These meaningless papers are a curse with a lack of contribution and exploration. The academic industry needs efficient measures of detecting falsehood by the SCIgen tool.

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