Important Things You Need to Know About Google Maps Marketing

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Many of us rely on the internet for almost everything. Students use it for their home works and projects. People in business use the internet for email and work purposes. Even an average resident of the country, use the internet to search for the best-tasting frappe in town. There are several apps online that we use in our daily lives.

Now, let’s say you’re planning on putting up your own business. Of course, since the world is becoming digital now, it’s inevitable for you not to use the help of the internet and its apps. In this article, we will cite the importance of using one of Google’s apps – which is Maps – in ensuring the success of your business.

Important Things You Need to Know About Google Maps Marketing

Google Maps is familiar to us as an app that provides directions and navigation’s. Since we all know that mobile users tend to search using their gadgets at home, you as a business person in the future may take advantage of this. How? Use Google Maps as your marketing tool.

According to industry experts, almost eighty percent (80%) of searches online converts into sales. If you want to apply this in your business, you have to exert great efforts for your firm to be in Maps’ first three search results when someone searches for a product or service that you and your competitors offer. Apart from this, you can also explore the Chad Kimball google maps to get more information.


How do we use Google Maps in marketing?

Maps is a platform that enables a business owner to claim a listing online that contains your business information including the name of your business, your hours of operations, and directions to get to your physical store.

What’s good about this is after claiming a listing, your business is already searchable and evidently visible on Google. Aside from that, interested customers can locate your physical store with no hassle as long as you’ve got excellent Google Maps SEO management skills.

Google Maps may play a vital role in marketing your products and services online when you’re able to use it correctly. When customers near you are searching for a place to shop or when someone needs a particular service, it’s safe to say that the first thing in their minds is to search online.

Why is marketing using Google Maps necessary?

There are tons of benefits that come alongside in using local maps marketing. We all know that when a typical consumer looks for a particular service or product, he or she turns to Google or any search engine.

With highly positive reviews, you can guarantee an increase in your leads and sales. Here is one of the primary reasons why wise business persons nowadays invest heavily in local SEO to have better Google Maps placement.

It Draws Local Sales

According to studies, an estimated amount of seventy-nine percent (79%) of consumers uses their gadgets at home in learning a new product, a new brand, to comparing prices, and even in locating a new business store.

With the significant increase in people who use smartphone nowadays, it’s safe to say that getting your business listed in Maps will make it easier for your prospects to locate you before making a purchase. And as what the statistic says above, almost eighty percent (80%) of this searches performed about local businesses ends up on a sale.

Therefore, if you love to increase your sales (which is every business person’s want), Google Map marketing may be beneficial for you and your business.


In the digital era, it is a no-no to stick to one technique only when it comes to marketing your goods and services. As we all know, change is constant, and that rule applies in the digital marketing world too. Therefore, it is best to look for the latest trends in digital marketing for you to guarantee the success of your business over time. Content marketing, organic blogger outreach, and google maps marketing are some of the things you can try.

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