Ignite, Intrigue & Invite: How To Increase Web Traffic Using 3I’s

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With 1.7 billion websites in the world, how many of them are getting the expected traffic? Almost 90% of the websites do not get any traffic at all.

Do you know the reason behind this?

These websites lack planning and quality content. Let’s quickly discuss some ways that will elaborate on different ways to increase your website’s traffic.

The 3I’s

The 3I’s for increasing web traffic refers to three different aspects of strategies. These strategies are utilized for increasing web traffic.

In 3I, Ignite is refereeing to web traffic boosters. Intrigue refers to curiosity building strategies. And invite refers to promoting strategies. All of these efforts are to convert traffic into sales.

how to increase web traffic using 3i

Benefits of using these I’s

There are greater benefits of using these tools for increasing web traffic. The most basic one is that every visiting customer on the website is considered as a potential one.

I mean, it may convert into a lead. This is why they are significant. As you know, the average conversion rate is 2.57% in the US.


The website boosting tools and strategies are long being used.

The blended combination of both elements is considered revolutionary for increasing traffic.

Strategies to ignite your website

The first and primary strategy is to revise your website. We all have tons of older content as 60% of us create one piece of content daily.

Well, that content on our website that does not create any benefit. Use these for your benefit.

  • Identify an older content on your page.
  • Revise it by adding new strategies and tactics.
  • Re-upload the upgraded version.

Another is Click to Tweet strategy. Select any Tweetable content on your website.

1. Create a Click to tweet link.

2. Add this link on your page.

3. They will get a pre-written tweet for easy sharing.


Tools to ignite your website

Judgify is a tool sued for creating an online contest, events, and grants for the websites. You can use this to give an instant boost to your website.

It provides opportunities to connect with the wider target audience. It only cost $500 per event.

Sprout Social is ideal for you if you don’t want to manage social media.

The tool mange the entire website’s social media platforms and track the user engagement level in all the platforms. It will cost you only $99/month.


I knew you all are curious to know about curiosity. I mean curiosity creation on the website. It is a marketing strategy.

It creates a higher level of suspense among visitors, and they are forced to visit the page.

Creating Headlines

It is considered to be the most significant element in generating curiosity. No neither the news headline nor the negative popularity.

It is just giving your product description and content a unique heading.

This unique heading must be attractive and develops impatience in the reader.

Sounds a piece of cake? It does not trust me. It is a nightmare for 63% of marketers. The words shall be irresistible.


Publishing Frequency

It is another common yet effective way of increasing curiosity, add frequency. This addition is to attract the readers’ immediate attention, and the incomplete frequency creates more curiosity.

Have you ever visit ‘Statista’ and seen half of the statistics this creates more curiosity.

This enables you to represent your product and web content from a diverse perspective. The more you post, there are more chances that your content may go viral.

Creating Viral Content

Going viral is the last weapon. The websites are using it as the endgame. It consists of a number of different advertisements or quizzes that can be shared on social media.

This is to create engaging viral content. I mean, we all knew certain things attracts us the most and forces to open the link.

You will find this content whenever you will open any renowned website. They are either present in the form of ad or content.

Imagine all of these pop up on your screen. I knew we get curious and will visit the web.


As evident from the name, it is to summon traffic on the website. But is that much easy? Due to a lot of market competition, there are many efforts required to attract traffic.

Read the following headings, and you will understand those subtle, smart work art by custom essay writing service UK.

Host a Contest

Hosting a contest and giveaways are always an effective way. But it would help if you were more attentive while using it, as it may get flop frequently.

Don’t get too much focused on the price; focus on participants. For instance; make the entry in the contest more flexible.

Any new customer who likes your social media page will be part of the contest. No, don’t give them huge prices minute one will also work.

Use Social Signals

The social share and the Google ranking, sounds weird? It is claimed that Goggle algorithm does not use the social share to rank the website.

But it is not the case, I guess. There is evidence that Google website ranking is influenced by social share, see the following illustration.

Source: https://cognitiveseo.com/blog/13006/digital-marketing-tactics/#15

So if you are managing your social media well, the rest is being done for you automatically. You know 55% of the buyers search the product on social media first.

Bottom Line

The website is the most lucrative medium for doing business. You can sell your product or even promote it with the minimum cost incurred.

These features have turned this platform into heaven for the business. But this heaven is heavily crowded and requires additional efforts to attract web traffic. Therefore, I have covered a wide range of easy tactic that will create immense web traffic on your page. Do let me know if you use any of these strategies.

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