Ways to Design Your Website

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The growth of technology changed the market completely. We are moving towards the digital world. It doesn’t matter how big or small your business is, but you have to make sure you are present on online platforms for better reach.

Building your online business includes many ways, you can choose according to your business type. Like listing your business online platforms called classifieds. For example, Justdial.com is one of the leading business listing portals, or you can use Google My Business for the google search engine.

Web design is the same as constructing your own physical shop. Connecting to some other platform for your business promotion is only one part of making an increase in your product sale and let people know about your business. It is similar to run a business on a rented floor but after that, you should always look for your own space for your business. In the online world, your space is your website. If you do a time-series analysis of web development, you will get a more clear idea about the importance of website building for your business.

Ways to Design Your Website

When you plan to design your website, the easiest way is you can directly find a web designer, pay a big amount of money, and wait. But if you want to create a website on your own you have to know how websites get designed. There are n-number of things you have to keep in mind but, here we are going to find out different ways to design a website.

There are 3 things you need to choose carefully before the website design platform.

  1. Choose a domain name – It is your business name. Choose with max relevance.
  2. A slogan for your site – A short line that defines the goal of your business. This is a short bio of your business.
  3. Logo for your website – it should be eye-catching, equally important as a business name and slogan. This is a visual impact of your business.

After this, you have to count on the user interface, fonts, content, landing pages, images, etc. but the basic is you have to choose a platform. That is either you will design your website with help of web builder tools or based on programming languages.

Here note that in both cases you have some advantages and disadvantages. It depends on your needs. Let’s take a look at the details of both types.

Design website with programming language:

If you want to go with a programming language, you need a web developer. Since learning coding languages and then design a web might be tricky and time-consuming for induvial.

Even if you hire a web developer you will be needing introducing information about these languages. This will make your communication easier with web-developer while using technical terms.

Here is a list of some common languages which are used by web developers.

  1. HTML
  2. CSS
  3. JAVA
  6. SQL
  7. PHP
  8. .NET(dot NET)

Thes all languages have their best points, depending on your website structure web developer will choose a coding language. All are best but choice takes palace on basis of expensiveness, reliability, and performance. The advantage of this is you can design as per your requirements. No need to compromise on your imaginations. It all depends on your web-developers skills.

Web-building tools:

The main difference between web design with coding languages and web building tools is limitations and flexibility. Here are you will get max flexibility, like drag and drop. Here you will everything is ready-made. If you have zero interest in coding and still want to design your website on your own, this will be your choice.

In a website builder, we can find all predesigned templates and different themes. All instructions are present and you can even have a preview facility. These templates are designed with different business types. If you want a website for your smallscale business then using a website builder is a better choice. For this just purchase your domain name and hosting and start.

List of web builder in the market-

  1. WordPress
  2. Wix
  3. Webflow
  4. Weebly
  5. Squarespace
  6. Shopify
  7. Sketch
  8. GIMP
  9. Figma
  10. Marvel

I personally feel WordPress is the easiest for someone looking to design a website but does not want to learn to code. So let us see in brief.


WordPress is a definitive best choice for newcomers since it’s so easy to learn, yet holds so much potential. It offers practically all the usefulness you’ll actually require, while additionally being excessively simple to get into, regardless of whether you’ve never made a site.

There’s very little to it aside from some exceptionally essential plan capacities, and the capacity to make pages and blog entries. Yet, the genuine sorcery is in the subjects and modules. These are what permit you to make your fantasy site.

Below are some reasons why someone should choose WordPress.

1. Very easy to use

It has a dashboard where you can see all options like add a new post, media, themes, settings, and a lot more. These are listed one by one and simple to access.

2. Mange your media

You can simply choose any pic from the computer and post it on the website. Your media will get saved for further use too. The media-editing option is available for you.

3. Themes

You can find multiple themes. Choose as per requirement. You will get many wonderful themes for free.

4. Customization

WordPress allows you to install different types of plugins to ensure your requirements won’t compromise.

5. Elementor

This feature adds stars into wordpress. Just click “edit with elementor” you can do drag and drop with live preview.


Final words

Today learning something new is not a difficult task since one can find material for free through different media if you are willing to do so. Designing a website is an art irrespective of all other parameters. All you need is your patience and hard work. So go ahead and establish your website on the internet and let people know who you are.

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