How to Keep your Living Room Clean

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Do you get anxiety attacks when guests call and say they are coming over? Whether or not you do, you are most likely to get them if your living room is messy, and there is no way to clean it up within the shortest time possible. It, however, should not be the case as there are cleanups you can do to make it welcoming even when visitors unexpectedly show up.

How to Keep your Living Room Clean

The living room speaks much about you. It’s the first room people access whenever they pop up in your house unexpectedly. It’s the area you hang pictures, accolades, and other forms of art you cherish. To make the room inviting for you as a family and for the guests, cleaning it and keeping it tidy all the time should be a priority.

If you’re still wondering how you can do that then this article is for you.

Keep Clutter Out of Sight Daily

No matter how much cleaning you do, if there are things all over the place, it will still look messy. With time unwanted stuff in the living room can pile up when you don’t keep it away. Declutter each day to make cleaning easier.

Get new storage facilities to store up the items that continuously keep cluttering the living room. Collect chargers and remotes in a box, tray, or basket and return them after use. Get a bookshelf or install hanging shelves to hold extra books.

Invest in furniture that has hidden storage to maximize space. Get ottomans with inner stores and coffee tables with a chest of drawers. Get a large basket that you can be storing all the objects you collect each day and arrange when you have time.

Clean the Rugs and Carpets

Before cleaning the carpets, remove any objects that can get in the way when vacuum cleaning. Look carefully, especially under seats for pieces of metal or coins which can damage the vacuum cleaner. Dust the furniture, windowsills, and blinds then vacuum up the place, preferably weekly.

Carpets can be difficult to clean without the right tools. Invest in the best carpet cleaners or take them to a carpet cleaning firm. Carpet cleaners are easy to use, and they remove even tough stains that are hard to clean manually.

Using carpet cleaners will also ensure easy drying and they don’t damage the carpets in the cleaning process. Deep clean your rugs and carpets monthly, or as soon as they get soiled. Clean from the farthest corner from the door finishing off towards the door.

Furniture Cleaning

If you use plastic covers for your furniture, then cleaning is easier for your fabric seats. However, if you like them bare, you need to clean them regularly. Spills, dust, and fur from pets make the sofas unclean.

Before cleaning them, read the manufacturer’s instructions on how to clean the fabric seats. If there are no instructions, read the tags and follow the rules to the letter. The labels indicate whether a fabric requires water, vacuum, or a solvent to clean it.

Vacuum the seats before steam cleaning and after, to let them completely dry. Choose a weather-friendly day to steam clean so that you can air out the living room by opening the windows. To quickly dry the seats, point a fan directly to them.

Don’t forget to fluff the pillows and straighten the sofa up and fold any fabric to make the room neat.

Wash Windows

With time, streaks and grime gather up on your living room windows, making the room dull. To liven it up, wash the windows on a dry, cloudy day. Cleaning on a sunny day will make the cleaning detergent stick on the windows before you can wipe it off, leaving unsightly streaks.

Before cleaning with water, dust the windows to avoid getting them muddy. Wash with warm soapy water if they are too dirty and pour adequate water to rinse. Instead of newspapers, dry with a microfiber cloth as it’s absorbent, reusable, and leaves the glass shining bright.

If using paper towels, choose ones with good quality that will not spot the glass with lint. Avoid using squeegees if working on smaller panes as they can mess the floor because of dripping. To know which side has streaks, wipe horizontally and then vertically and clean out if you find any.

Open windows daily to let fresh air in and get bad smells out to freshen up the living room.

Clean Curtains and Drapes

Dust settles quickly on curtains drapes and can be harmful to people with allergies. Invest in one of the best humidifiers on the market as they work best to get rid of the allergies. Depending on the drape material, you can wash them at home or take them to a dry cleaner. For instance, dry-clean those with cashmere and wool, and handwash those made of silk, cotton, and sheer fabrics.

Weekly vacuum the drapes from top to bottom to get rid of dust. If you don’t have a vacuum with a brush attachment, use a long brush with synthetic fibers to cleanup.

Before cleaning your drapes, remove hangers, pins, and any other hardware. Ensure you dust off curtain rods, valances, and other drapery parts that have dust on them. Gently shake off dust every night when closing them.

Clean Surfaces

To clean TV, coffee table and shelf surfaces, use a slightly damp microfiber cloth. The cloth is an excellent cleaning tool for the surfaces as it leaves no lint. Clean from top to bottom, starting with objects high up coming down.

Straighten any books on the table and stack them up neatly or arrange them on a bookshelf. Put away objects that are on the surfaces as they make the place appear untidy.

Depending on the number of people and pets that frequent your living room, you can choose how often you will be cleaning it. The more they are, the more times you should clean the room. A clean-living room is not only attractive but healthy for you and your family, choose to make it habitable for everybody including those with allergies.

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