How to Get Rid of Mosquitoes from Home

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How to Get Rid of Mosquitoes from Home

Mosquitoes are those little creatures that are too tiny to get cruel with them, but they are the most significant pain in your life. Getting rid of them feels guilty in a way also as they carry your blood also hah. Mosquitoes are everywhere and in every corner of the world. You can get over them. The mainly become a problem when you are doing some outdoor activities or sitting on the lawn, enjoying and sipping your tea. They won’t let you live in peace and can get you nuts. To get rid of mosquitoes, we will be writing here a few homemade and other tips.


Yes, you read it right.  Ground coffee will help you get rid of these dangerous creature causing fatal diseases. As we know that they grow where there is standing water. So you have to sprinkle coffee on the areas where you find water. This will help the eggs not hatch and become deprived of oxygen.

Grow mint:

Growing mint in homes or placing them in the kitchen would help you get rid of mosquitoes. The smell of mint is so strong that it repels mosquitoes from staying in that area.

Use of Dry Ice:

Since the carbon dioxide we breathe out draws in mosquitoes, we are very defenseless against them. When you buy dry ice it radiates carbon dioxide, and you should merely put some dry ice in a compartment that holds some separation. When you see mosquitoes pulled into the compartment, close the top. Even though it is a tedious strategy, it is very compelling.

Refrain from wearing specific colors:

Mosquitoes are pulled in to particular dress hues more than others including dark, dim blue and red and black. Wearing light-shaded apparel will help shield you from a terrible nibble. What’s more, wear baggy attire that spreads a greater amount of your skin with the goal that mosquitoes can’t locate an open part. It is necessary to wear full sleeves to keep yourself safe from the attack of mosquitoes.

Use Mosquito Traps:

Electric mosquito traps are the best tool to combat mosquitoes. It is a bug killer with a trap. These electronic devices are used to kill insects and mosquitoes in your home.

Keep birds as pets:

Keep more birds to the lawn of your home as mosquitoes, and such insects are their prey. This would lessen the number of mosquitoes and would help to reduce their reproduction.

Usage of some oils and herbs:

Peppermint oil, clove oil, pinon wood, usage or garlic these are few natural ingredients that if you include in your daily routine will help you get rid of this tedious little creature. Burn some dry camphor in your home while keeping all the doors and windows closed. This will kill all the present mosquitoes in your home.

Vanilla spray:

Mix equal quantity of vanilla and water into the spray bottle and spray it on yourself while going out. The smell of vanilla repels mosquitoes.

Use of vitamin B:  

Studies demonstrate that taking a lot of B1, individually, can fend off mosquitoes. When you take somewhat more vitamin B than your body needs, it can make the abundance of salts out through your skin. Female mosquitoes discover this scent terrible. Eat thing enriched with vitamin B.

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