How to Get Rid of Pigeons (For Homes and Businesses)

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Pigeons on your property? Let’s get rid of them.

There are two primary steps for getting rid of a pigeon infestation on your property: removing bird food sources and blocking off their nesting grounds. If you can accomplish these two things, your pigeon problem will be alleviated more completely than any other method.

Pigeon food sources include open trash containers, food strewn on the ground, and food intentionally left out for the birds. These should all be removed as completely as possible.

How to Get Rid of Pigeons

Open trash containers should be replaced with closed trash containers. Trash areas like dumpsters and compactors should be closed and covered up so that birds cannot get into them. For restaurants, retail stores, and other business operations, these tend to be big bird attractors. They should be covered up and closed to block birds from eating from them.

Food strewn on the ground should also be picked up frequently. This includes overflowing trash containers and people discarding food outside of garbage areas. To repel birds most effectively, janitorial staff should be sent out frequently to pick up any food thrown on the ground.

People should also be reminded not to intentionally feed the birds. Signs can be put up and staff can remind people to not feed them.

These food sources are some of the biggest sources of trouble for birds. If birds find a consistent source of food, they will come back again and again to eat it. Food attracts birds like nothing else. If you can stop birds from getting into food, they will lose their motivation to be in the area and fly around disturbing people.

For getting rid of birds, including pigeons, the only way to get them to stay away for good is to take away their food sources.

The next biggest attractor for pigeons is nesting grounds. Pigeons like to find a consistent source of food and nest nearby. Once they nest, these birds are nearly impossible to make leave. At this point they will also multiply, leaving behind baby pigeons which further increase the pigeon problem.

The best way to stop pigeons from nesting is blocking off their nesting grounds with bird netting. Top locations that pigeons like to nest are closed, covered places that provide them protection from predators and the elements. Prime nesting locations include in the rafters of loading bays and canopies, underneath solar panels, under HVAC units, on top of chimneys, on rooftops, and underneath bridges. Bird netting can block pigeons from nesting in all these locations.

Bird netting installation is one of the most common bird control jobs AviAway does. Bird netting blocks birds out with 100% effectiveness if installed properly by a professional bird control company. It is our top-rated option for bird control.

If pigeons have already nested, the problem is going to be different from just installing bird netting because the birds are already there. In this case we highly recommend calling in a bird control company like AviAway. Such a company can inspect the site and figure out a way to move the birds safely and ethically. It can also get a permit to move the birds if a permit is required (most bird species in North America are protected under the Migratory Bird Act Treaty of 1918).

Once you get rid of the pigeons, you can install bird netting afterwards to make sure the birds don’t nest again.

The most important factors in getting rid of pigeons are removing their food sources and blocking off their nesting grounds. These two things can take a full-out pigeon infestation and bring it down to almost nothing.

If the bird problem is lighter, you have a couple of other options.

Bird spikes can deter birds from landing on ledges, signs, fences, and other surfaces that pigeons like to perch on. They are easy to install and physically block birds from perching. Bird spikes are non-lethal and are not designed to hurt the birds, but just to stop them from being able to land.

Bird wire is another option like bird spikes. It physically blocks ledges and other surfaces with a wire that birds can’t land on. It is similar in function to bird spikes but is slightly less visible.

Sound machines are a third option. These machines let out bird species distress calls and predator signals. Birds hear these sounds and know to avoid the area. These are a great option for deterring birds without any other aesthetic concerns.

In general, however, if the bird problem is large, removing bird food sources and blocking off their nesting grounds with bird netting are your best bet.

Summary: To get rid of pigeons, remove their food sources (including trash and discarded food) and block off the covered areas they like to nest in with bird netting. If pigeons have already nested, your best bet is to call in a bird control company to inspect the site and see what they can do.

Good luck with your pigeon problem!

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