How to Get Enough Sleep During Winter

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If reports are to be believed the sleep quality of every 1 out of 10 people has reduced due to several reasons. Stress is one of the main reasons people suffer from sleepless nights. Sleep is a much-needed requirement for our body to rejuvenate itself and to repair the body parts so that one can start the day with good energy. Today’s lifestyle has got a major role to play in people getting inadequate and low-quality sleep. As a result of this, diseases like obesity, blood pressure, and diabetes have drastically increased. Some people may find it difficult to sleep during the winter, due to the cold weather. Sleeping on a good mattress such as orthopedic mattress from Wakefit can help a great deal to get quality sleep. Here are some tips on how to improve the quality of sleep during the winter season:

How To Get Enough Sleep During Winter


Avoid Daytime Nap

Winter is a season where everyone feels a bit tired and would want to be in bed a little longer. When you stay longer in bed during day time, you will obviously feel sleepy and you doze off. This is not a good idea, the more you sleep during the day time, the higher the chances that you might not get enough sleep during the night. So it will be good to resist the urge to sleep during day time. Choose the best mattress and pillow to get the required sleep.

No Overeating

During winter, people show more interest in food which is loaded with sugar. Having a large meal before your bedtime can cause stomach discomfort and heartburn which can keep you awake throughout the night. So avoid food filled with carbs, sugar, and caffeine before bedtime.

Do Not Overheat the room

When the weather is cold, people tend to fall asleep during the day time. To avoid this, many people may turn their room heaters to a higher degree. If you are one among those people, know that this process has got an adverse effect on your sleep. The optimal sleep temperature is considered to be between 68 to 72 degrees. Try to set your room temperature between these recommended levels, so that you get good sleep.

Get some Daylight

During winters, the daylights can last for 5 to 6 hours only. Make use of this time. The body needs sunlight for various reasons. So when you get up in the morning, take a walk around your house and have some coffee. You will feel refreshed and helps you get good sleep as well.


The thumb rule to get good sleep is exercise. Exercise improves sleep quality. Winter season can make people pretty lazy and most of them skip their workouts. Only when you exercise, the fat is burned and helps to get a peaceful and comfortable sleep.

Keep your Nasal Moist

Winter seasons are always accompanied by cold, flu, infections, etc. and your nose is the one which gets affected. A stuffed nose can make your nights hell. People suffer from breathing problems during the winter. It will disturb your sleep. If you breathe through your mouth, it will get dried after some time which can again make you uncomfortable. Using a humidifier, or some breathing exercises can make your nasal path smooth and help in better sleep during the winters.

Sleep is a much-needed activity no matter what the season is. It is important that you take all the corrective measures so that you get uninterrupted sleep during the winter season. People tend to take more alcohol during winters, which can only contribute to your sleep problems. If you are not getting enough sleep even after taking into consideration all the above-mentioned tips, it is advised to seek medical help.


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