How to Choose a Supplement Manufacturer

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When starting a wellness business, one of the most significant decisions you will have to make is to contract your supplement manufacturer. Making your own supplements would require a huge investment of both time and money, so using a manufacturer is the best approach because it will take care of many issues you would be facing if you were to choose to manufacture your supplements internally. When choosing a manufacturer to work with, there are several factors you want to consider in addition to their experience and reputation.

How to Choose a Supplement Manufacturer

Here are some tips for choosing a supplement manufacturer.

Learn about their services.

Different manufacturers may offer a different variety of services. You will need to know what your options are for custom formulation, manufacturing, warehousing, and distribution. You should also ask about services like label design, branding, and marketing of your private label supplement products. As a dietary supplement manufacturer, they should be up to date with all rules and regulations covering dietary supplements in the United States.

Your product line decisions may be based on cost, at least at first. Have a conversation with a representative from the company to review what types of products you want to carry. For example, you may want to know the production and cost differences between manufacturing capsules, tablets, soft gels, gummies, and liquids. You also need to do some market research on what consumers are most interested in for the supplements you are offering.

Review their contracts.

The manufacturer will have a contract detailing their services, prices, and process. It is critical to review the entire agreement carefully. Read every line to ensure you know what you are signing before being locked into a deal. Talk to them about scalability to know your options as your business grows. It is best to work with a manufacturer that can handle the business you are trying to grow rather than your current business. Switching manufacturers after you’ve already launched the product line may cause issues with quality or delivery differences.

Manufacturers thrive on small and medium businesses choosing them for their manufacturing needs, so they are generally open to discussing needs and interests. Even when presented with a contract, if you have special requests f needs not listed in the agreement, don’t be afraid to ask if they can offer these services. If it is outside their ability, you can look elsewhere for that service need.

Negotiate prices.

After reviewing the contract, break down every service they offer and the cost. Negotiate what you need most and what would be more cost-effective to take on yourself. Get multiple estimates to have a solid understanding of normal prices and services. For example, you will need help with a label design for your private label brand. You can work with the manufacturer on a label design or work with an independent designer and provide the files to the manufacturer. Comparing prices will allow you to make the best financial decision for your business. However, don’t just go for the lowest price to save money. You also want a high-quality product from a reliable provider, so consider everything when determining cost-effectiveness.

While it is essential to do your research on potential manufacturers, ask questions, and read everything carefully, don’t overthink the decision too much. Don’t hold up the launch of your brand because you are too nervous about choosing a manufacturer to work with. Don’t be afraid to ask advice from other trusted people or supplement franchise owners to get their perspectives on your options. Often, when people are having trouble making a decision, they are paralyzed, which can lead to other problems. Trust your instincts and grow your company into what you dream for it.

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