A Guide to the Types of ID Badge Reels You Can Find Online

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For organizations that require their employees to wear an ID badge at all times, badge reels can be quite useful. They allow employees to be comfortable while wearing their ID cards, and these reels display ID badges prominently while keeping them from snagging on any machinery or equipment, unlike lanyards. Hence, ID reels are a popular choice when selecting ID badge accessories.

A Guide to the Types of ID Badge Reels You Can Find Online

Should You Opt for Badge Reels or Lanyards?

When thinking of ID badges, a lanyard pops into most people’s minds. However, it may not always be the best choice for an organization. Depending on the working environment, lanyards can be inconvenient. They can snag on machinery and may be uncomfortable for employees to wear around their necks all day. However, they may be useful in other working environments where heavy machinery is not used.

ID reels, on the other hand, offer a lot of flexibility and convenience. They can be clipped on clothing easily, which is useful for visual verification. The ID reels also swiftly move the badge back to ensure that it does not get in the way or snag. Hence, when employees need to pull their badges out for proximity sensors or visual verification, id reels can be convenient.

What Type of ID Reels Can You Opt For?

Knowing that an ID reel is the best choice is not enough; you also need to look at which type of badge reels you should opt for. All of your employees will use this reel; hence, you need to select one that serves your organization’s requirements. There are several types of reels you can find online:

  • Clip ID Reels: As the name suggests, these reels can be clipped onto your clothes to ensure that you have easy access to your badge. It helps you access your badge easily and retracts to its position when not in use.
  • Smart Card ID Reels: If your organization uses proximity cards or similar badges, this is a perfect choice. It makes it easy to swipe your card, and you can lock your badge in place or use a simple button to release it when you need it.
  • Carabiner ID Reels: Most organizations need badges to display for easy verification to aid in security measures. However, keeping the badge in the correct position may be tough when someone needs to use it for proximity sensors. When they are moving around, Carabiner ID reels have a no-twist feature that ensures that the badge always remains right side up.
  • Lanyard Badge Reel Combo: Ideal for organizations that want the visibility that lanyard offers but do not want it to get in the way. When an employee’s outfit does not have any place for them to attach their id reel, it can be tricky. But a lanyard badge reel combo swiftly tackles this problem. Hence, this type of id reel offers the best of both worlds by allowing employees to wear their IDs comfortably and retracting badges when not in use.
  • Heavy Duty Reels: These ID reels serve a dual purpose. They not only hold badges but may hold keys and other small tools as well. Usually, they use chain-linked cords or fiber enforced cords rather than vinyl. These are ideal for use outdoors or for employees who may need to access multiple keys or tools.
  • Customized or Monogrammed ID Reels: While these are not exclusive id reel types, they are worth looking into.

These types of reels allow organizations to monogram their logo onto the reel and even customize their colors. It is an easy way to promote your organization and boost company morale; they can also be used as giveaway items.
Selecting a badge reel may require some time, but it is crucial to ensure that you do your research before picking a badge reel for your organization. Since all employees will need to use this reel regularly, it is important to select comfortable and convenient ones. It is easy to find badge reels online.

However, it is essential to review and talk to the provider to ensure that their reels meet your requirements and standards.

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