How Outsourcing SEO Audit is Helping Brands

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Do you want to know how SEO audit services help brands reach their target market? If you want to keep your site healthy and attract more audience to avail or endorse your brand, read along.

How Outsourcing SEO Audit is Helping Brands

What is SEO Audit?

SEO Audit checks the overall well-being of your website. It assures you that there is no glitch or spam in the published content. This comprehensive analysis provides an independent examination of the website and analyzes the search-friendly nature, credibility of your site and its online presence. SEO Audit lists all the detected problems gathered from your webpage with the corresponding solutions so that you can work on the diagnosis right away. It is crucial for a website owner to run regular SEO audits, (at least twice a year) to ensure that their website works well with the latest and upcoming SEO trends.

The Core Benefits of SEO Audit

There are many agencies like Infidigit, offering you their SEO audit services. The methodology is continually updated in order to suit the web owners, search engines and site visitors’ needs. Outsourcing your SEO audit helps you in covering these aspects – some of which you may not have inhouse expertise for:

Identify The Link Building Opportunities

In Search Engine Optimization, you must focus on three things: CONTENT, BACKLINKS and TECHINCAL SEO. Let us explain each:


This is all the words and media (video, audio) content that is seen by your website’s visitors and shared by search engines.


These links are composed of the link quality, anchor texts and referring domains of the webpage. There are two types of backlinks, namely, Internal & External Links.

Technical SEO

This makes it easy for search engines to access and index information from your website. The common elements that affect any website are page speed, mobile usability, redirects and indexing.

Keyword Analysis

About 96 percent of entrepreneurs use search engine advertising to present educational and informational content.” Choosing the right keywords should be your priority because it determines the strength of your website. Well-written and updated content invites hoards of an audience to check out your brand.

Improve on your Information Architecture

This means working closely with developers and designers to develop solutions that will improve your page without affecting the experience of the users. Organize your content to make it more attractive to your viewers and entice the audience.

Search your Page in Search Engines

When you type your business or domain name in the search box, it must be visible on your local listings. This will determine the level of reach and influence; your brand has to the public. Potential viewers must be able to get your site via a physical address, phone number, or some profile pages on social networks. To ensure you reach each of your audience’s search results, you need to implement Local SEO strategy for your business.

Access your Page’s Health

Run an analysis of everything connected to Google and Google Plus. A healthy webpage attracts more earnings. For your site’s audit to be successful, it’s very important to scan your Google Plus neighborhood page and evaluate your site’s “page”.”

Take Advantage of Page Update Opportunities

Making regular updates will maintain the freshness and relevance of your site to the search engines. To keep your page up to date, you must add new ideas and research, identify relevant keywords, compress images, audio, and podcasts, remove unused links and discard old and unnecessary content.

Run Speed Analytics

Your audience would want your website to load fast. The faster your site’s loading speed, the more likely is Google is to boost your site’s ranking. As per Google PageSpeed Rules to improve your page speed loading time, eliminate JavaScript and CSS and convert it to simple image compression.

To sum it up, having SEO audit services will strengthen your brand’s credibility in the market. A good SEO audit can attract potential associates to work with you. Having your website audited by Audit services provided by Infidigit, will reveal profitable opportunities. This, in turn, can help you raise the profile of your brand. What are you waiting for? Get your SEO audit services now!

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