How Are Points Determined in Online Carrom?

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We all have at one point of time or another played the carrom board game. While those days might seem to be at an end, this does not mean that all hopes are lost. With the online carrom, you can now easily play your beloved game from anywhere.

This serves to work perfectly well with the raging pandemic in the country. When most people are forced to stick at home, there is hardly much activity at hand. In such a scenario, playing online carrom with your friends and distant relatives can overcome the boredom. The problem of ensuing distance will immediately end as the online medium will ensure that you can connect with anyone at any time.

How Are Points Determined in Online Carrom

The carrom games online are not much different from their traditional counterparts. The rules remain pretty much the same. In fact, you get the added advantage of being able to play with your loved ones who live afar.

But still, there are many people who are not much used to playing carrom games online. For them, we have laid out the rules regarding how points are determined in online carrom games.

So, do not worry just download the game and follow the instructions given below to understand how you can score points in carrom.

How Points are Determined in Online Carrom

The game of carrom is all about scoring and winning. Just like 8 Ball Pool, the target here is to net as many coins as possible to win the game. However, there are some rules which you need to keep in mind before you pocket a coin.

The Coins

In a game of carrom, you will come across 19 coins in total. 9 white coins, 9 black coins and 1 red coin. The red coin is regarded as the queen of the game. The value each coin has depends on the kind of game you are playing.

  • Freestyle: In freestyle carrom game, you can pocket any coin of your choice. Whether it is black or white, each coin will give you a point. In some cases, the value of the coin will be given on it and you will know accordingly how much you are going to get from scoring a particular color.
  • Selective: In selective carrom, you and your opponent will decide which coins to go for. One can choose black while the other will go with white. Here, if you score the coin of your opponent, he will get the point and not you.

The Red Queen

The most valuable coin in the carrom games online or offline is the red queen. The red queen provides a total of five points if you score it. But it is not as simple as that. In order to score the red queen, you have to ensure that you make a cover for her. What this means is that you will need to score a black coin or a white one after scoring the red coin. If you fail to do that, the red queen you just pocketed will reappear on the board.

The red coin, also known as the red queen, gives five points which is the highest in the game of carrom from a single coin.

The Striker

The striker plays an interesting part in a carrom game. While it is usually a tool to score points, it can also cost you some points as well. The important thing to know about the striker is that you have to use it only to pocket the coins. The moment your striker enters one of the pockets, you will need to pay a fine from the points you earned. If your striker goes inside a pocket along with a coin, the coin pocketed will not be counted and it will come back on the board.

However, if you score a fine with your strike while you do not have a single coin in your name, then no point will be deducted later.

Winning the Game

The rule for winning is simple: net your coins and cover the queen before your opponent does. The player who achieves this feat first wins the game. No matter which type of game you play, covering the queen is mandatory in all of the carrom games online.

Why Play Carrom Online?

Now that you have understood how points are scored in the carrom games online, you won’t face any difficulty in playing the game. But there might still be doubts in your mind regarding the online carrom. You might wonder it will not give the same vibe as the offline board game did. But rest assured, online carrom offers plenty to go for:

Live Video Chat

One of the biggest advantages of playing online carrom is that you can use its live video chat feature to connect with anyone. This gives you the opportunity to engage with your close one over a game of carrom. A video interaction in the game will surely make you relive the experience of times when you played carrom on a real board.

Play Anytime

You do not have to depend on anyone’s availability to play this game. The online multiplayer option will connect you with anyone randomly. So you will never be alone with this game, even at odd hours.

Win Money

The added advantage which the online carrom game provides is the feature of winning money. Yes, you got it right. In this game, you bring home not only entertainment but money as well. This enhances the overall utility of the game.

Online carrom, therefore, everything you would want a game to be. Whether it is the live video chat option, multiplayer option or the opportunity to win money, carrom carries all these features at once. And once you figure out how to score points, it won’t take you long to master the game.

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