Home Styling Secrets Everyone Needs To Know

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The trends in interior design are changing rapidly. One day you see textured wallpapers, the next day you will find that the classic white wall is back.

Choosing the best designs and accessories for your home can be a tricky game. It involves a lot of thinking and planning before you invest in a product or on design.

The huge range of options in interior décor could just be enough to confuse you. So how do you keep your home up to date?

While you can hire an interior designer and let him do all the work, do not forget that talented designers will cost you a lot!

To make your life simple, we have shortlisted the best 6 tips for you so that you ace the interior game.


Home Styling Secrets Everyone Needs To Know


These tips almost work with every home and would not require you to burn a hole in your pocket. Have a look:

1. Quirky accessories

Accessories like frames, pillows, and paintings are a great way to enhance your interior. To simply put it, accessories to interiors are what jewellery is to women. You have a lot of options in the market.

From quirky quotes to personalized frames, from pastel coloured pillows to metallic, you can select the one that suits your personality and interiors the best.

2. Install LEDs

Well, we just do not mean for your walls or false ceiling. While that is a great way to revamp your home, we are going a little further than that.

If you have a frame or a painting in your living room, add a spot light for the added focus; installing LEDs in your vanity will give your bedroom a glamorous feel. LEDs of top quality that are available in the market offer you longevity and reduce the need for regular maintenance.

This means that you do not have to worry about constantly upgrading your bulbs! Dimmers from leading electric companies allow you to create a perfect ambience according to your mood.

3. Walls

When it comes to walls, there can be a lot of blunders if you do not choose the right colour. Either you determine the colour based on your furniture and décor, or select the colour and then select your décor.

If you want to play it safe, add a pop of colour here and there. Adding designer switches instead of the traditional ones is the new trend because of their options, cult designs and innovation. They are now used as a piece of décor for your interiors.

4. Adding Mirrors

If you want to increase the visual square footage and give the illusion of a bigger room, mirrors are your best friend.

This tip is best suited for compact spaces in metro cities. You can hang mirrors opposite to your windows. The light and view will be reflected in the mirrors, making your room look pretty as well.

5. Go With Textures

Adding textural or layered elements can really liven up a room. For example, you can add textured pillows on your sofa.

Because let us accept it- no one likes boring. While adding any textured element, make sure you do not overdo it. If you exceed too much with texture, it can make your interiors to look gaudy. Find the right balance and see it do wonders for your home.

6. Go Quirky

There are a lot of ways you can add a quirky element into your space. For example, you can find a quirky piece of furniture such as a funky chair and keep it in the corner of your bedroom.

The addition of this simple item will bring the needed elevate the ambience of the room.


You could do so many things with your interiors. But make sure not to overdo it. For best results, keep on asking feedback from your friends and family about their opinion and suggestions.

One of the most important factors to style your home beautifully is to concentrate on the details. Understand your home, your requirements, and the type of ambience you want; and then take the step of making decisions.

If you are open to learning a few basic decorating rules and let your creativity go wild, you are sure to enjoy a home that is both comfortable and stylish.

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