8 Ways Paint Coating Companies Can Make Your Commercial Building More Valuable & Safer

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Commercial painting is a difficult task; not only do commercial buildings require a fresh coat of paint frequently. But the building also needs continuing maintenance, restoration, and upkeep to ensure the exterior is inviting to potential clients.

Particularly in Sydney, our harsh weather rapidly degrades building’s façade, which is why having rapport with a trustworthy commercial painting company is so crucial. As professional Sydney commercial painters have the tools and knowledge to keep your building looking great with minimal disturbance to your daily business operations and staff.

8 Ways Paint Coating Companies Can Make Your Commercial Building More Valuable & Safer

Still have doubts regarding the advantages of paint coating companies? To highlight the benefits of hiring commercial painters Sydney, here are eight industry tactics commercial paint coating companies use to elevate the appearance, safety, and structural integrity of commercial buildings.

Plus, it is a good idea to ensure that a commercial painting company like Paint Centric offers majority of the following comprehensive services before employing them, as these are strong indicators that a commercial painting company is reputable and has considerable experience in the industry. As a result, you can rest assured knowing you will receive a commercial paint solution you will love.

1. Encourage Captivating & Bold Exterior Paint Choices

Not only should a new coat of paint completely transform the appearance of your commercial complex, but exterior paint can be a captivating and show-stopping feature that attracts new clients to your commercial property.

An excellent commercial painting company will consult and assist you in selecting your exterior colour scheme. Many modern bold exterior paint ideas can make your commercial complex fascinating while also safeguarding the structural integrity of the building.

Your commercial painters Sydney might, for example, pick a wall for an art mural, as original street art on commercial buildings is constantly gaining popularity. A feature wall makes a big statement when it comes to updating the look of your commercial complex, and it is sure to attract a wider audience of clients to your business.

2. Suggest Low Odour Paints for Interiors

Most low-quality regular paints include various compounds, some of which are harmful to human health and the environment. One of the most hazardous substances used in paint is volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Such chemicals can leak out of paint, lower indoor air quality and causing short- and long-term health problems in those exposed.

As a result, your commercial painting company should recommend paints that do not contain VOCs. Instead, reputable paint coating companies will suggest using low-VOC paints that emit fewer odours and have no impact on indoor air quality.

Although low-VOC paints are more difficult to apply appropriately. As a result, it’s critical to find skilled commercial painters Sydney that will suggest and apply low-odour natural coatings.

3. Recommend Fade Resident Paint for Exteriors

Fading emerges much faster for exterior surfaces as they are exposed to high amounts of sunshine for an extended length of time. Unfortunately, the colour change caused by the “fading” effect is irreversible once it starts, so your building’s colour can quickly become uneven or patchy.

There is no real solution to fading paint. The only solution is to contract your commercial painters Sydney to paint new layers more frequently. Although there are ways to minimise the colour fading effect, for example, a good commercial painting company will suggest UV-resistant paint that will keep your commercial building looking at its best for longer between paint touch-ups.

4. Always Prepared for Required Restoration Services

Graffiti and other damage to your building’s façade might deter potential customers from visiting your business as it reflects poorly on your brand’s reputation. Graffiti will become more adherent to the building’s surface with time, making graffiti cleaning more difficult.

Graffiti may also entice other graffiti artists to put their mark on your building, causing your Sydney property to deteriorate further. As a result, contacting professional commercial painters Sydney right away to remove or paint over the graffiti may deter others from vandalising your property.

5. Ensure High-Quality Waterproofing

Waterproofing is essential to a commercial building’s façade to keep water and moisture from seeping inside the interior rooms. Since building foundations can break due to moisture and water, necessitating costly and extensive repairs, hiring commercial painters Sydney to conduct commercial waterproofing is essential.

Experienced commercial painters Sydney can waterproof exterior walls, interior walls, bathrooms, kitchens, basements, balconies, decks, terraces, green roofs, swimming pools, and more to ensure the building’s structural integrity is safe.

6. Remove Lead Paint if Necessary

Before 1965 lead paint was widely used in both residential and industrial buildings in Australia, so traces of lead paint are still apparent in some buildings. Your commercial painting contractors should assess whether lead paint is present in your building and whether lead-based paint removal is required right away.

Removal is a dangerous job that might cause damage to anyone engaged. As a result, only properly-educated specialists with the necessary safety equipment are permitted to remove and dispose of lead-based paints. Well informed commercial painters Sydney can safely clean and dispose of the lead paint, following stringent environmental guidelines, industry practices, and health regulations.

7. Ensure Building Fire Protections

Intumescent and fire protection coatings are critical painting services that should be provided to all commercial buildings. Commercial painters Sydney will apply intumescent coatings to a building’s steel columns, edges, tubes, pillars, and other hollow parts, so the buildings’ steel structure will be protected in the case of a fire.

High temperatures from a fire cause steel to lose its load-bearing capacity, rendering the building unstable. But with intumescent coatings, the fire causes a chemical reaction to occur. The intumescent coating expands and produces an insulating layer around the steel, slowing the temperature rise and preventing the steel from reaching a degree that would make it unstable.

Though the application of intumescent paint is a time-consuming method, but well-informed commercial painters Sydney should recommend this treatment, ensuring it is painted with an even consistency and specific thickness.

8. Guarantee Regular Maintenance Check-Ups

Whether your complex is new or old, it will need to be maintained regularly. Major repairs and safety concerns may quickly occur if you don’t properly maintain the outside of your business.

The longer you wait to repair or update a commercial building’s façade, the more money it will cost to fix the problem later. As a result, skipping building upkeep or taking shortcuts is not a good idea. Neglecting to maintain your commercial complex might cause the look of your building to deteriorate – or worse, structural damage.

Every year, at the absolute least, call your professional commercial painting company to do a visual examination of your commercial complex’s exterior to ensure the safety of the building’s occupants.

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