Google Starts Investigation Against Fake News Stories

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According to the latest survey in SAN FRANCISCO — Google has sprinkled some new key ingredients over the search engines in order to effort to prevent displaying bogus information and offensive suggestions from souring its results.

The changes that have been in the processing since last four months are actually announced on this past Tuesday and it reflects also the Google’s confidence in a new way screening system which is specially designed in order to reduce the chances that will highlight untrue stories about events and people, a phenomenon commonly referred to as “fake news on different search engine.

Google Starts Investigation Against Fake News Stories

Nowadays, we can say that only a small fraction of Google’s search results are polluted with various kinds of falsehoods. This problem is not going to vanish straight away but as it was still happening frequently in order to threaten the integrity of a search engine that processes billions of requests a day we can reduce it to go all the way to zero. Even Google has made few changes in the available features and reprogrammed it again in order to omit offensive suggestions from its manual recommendations of search requests.

Due to past many misleading information which appeared almost in the top searches of the search engine Google has already begun attacking all the fake news sources in the late December. Apart from other fake news over the search engine Google’s recently pointed to a website that displayed incorrectly reported about President-elect Donald Trump that he had already won the popular vote in the U.S. election, that President Barack Obama was planning a takeover along with a Holocaust never that actually never occurred during World War II.

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